NECA's New Additions To Their Alien Line Are Unique

NECA has been producing Alien figures for a long, long time now and coming off one of their most successful runs doing so, having put out the vintage style box figures for the 40th anniversary for the last few months. We have the whole crew of the Nostromo now, and I would be lying if I didn't say that I felt done when those figures releases wrapped up. However, leave it to NECA to release exciting new variations of the Xenomorph to keep us interested. In stores now are three new figures: Razor Claws, Arachnoid, and Chrysalis. These are all based on the 1994 arcade game Alien Vs. Predator, and reimagined in movie style deco. NECA recently sent over the figures to take a look at, so let's open up the one I was most excited about, the Chrysalis Alien.

NECA Crushed This Alien Figure

As always, NECA does a phenomenal job with the packaging here. Each figure features a window box front showing off the Xenomorph, logo panels and fig photo on the sides, and awesome character bios on the back. Every figure in this line for years looks fantastic MOC. Let's give it up to the design team over there; they really do go above and beyond for us when they really don't have to at all.

Once out of the box, the Xenomorph is gnarly looking. I LOVE the dome design here; that bone structure looks fantastic. The coloring on the figure is great as well; the tans really pop in the light. My favorite part of this one is the tail, though. So many times with NECA, my tails break on these guys, especially at the articulation point. Not so with this one, as it is a more malleable plastic and does not grip as tightly. That stinger blade on the end is cool too, it really adds to the overall menace of the figure.

NECA's New Additions To Their Alien Line Are Unique

This is a great addition to any NECA Alien shelf, and honestly, one of the better Xenomorphs they have ever done. It is so unique looking; it actually scares me a little bit to look at it. These have been hitting Walmarts a bunch and can even still be preordered by going here.

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