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Several New Updates Arrive In Arena Breakout This Week
Tencent Games and MoreFun Studios revealed several new updates have been loaded into Arena Breakout, as they push forward with the new phase of testing The teams have launched the Global Closed Beta today on Android and iOS mobile devices, which will take place across ten countries, adding Thailand and Türkiye as new regions to[...]
Interview: Chatting With Arena Breakout Lead Producer Yiming Sun
A few weeks ago, we had a chance to take part in a special preview event for Arena Breakout, getting our first chance at the game in a more expansive setting As part of that event, we were given a chance to chat with the lead producer for the game, Yiming Sun We got to[...]
We Got To Preview Part Of Arena Breakout On Mobile
Recently we got to have a very cool experience led by the team at Level Infinite as we were thrown into boot camp to play a preview of Arena Breakout The crew behind the game at MoreFun Studios and Level Infinite decided to bring out a number of content creators and gaming journalists to Los[...]
Arena Breakout To Launch Global iOS CBT Next Week
MoreFun Studios Group, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, confirmed they would be launching a Global iOS CBT for Arena Breakout next week This will be the first official Global iOS Closed Beta Test (CBT) for the hardcore first-person extraction shooter, as the team is looking to test out everything the possibly can across multiple regions[...]
Arena Breakout Will Launch Global Closed Beta Next Week
Tencent Games and MoreFun Studios announced that they will be holding a new Closed Beta for Arena Breakout next week The companies will be testing out a ton of new additions and mechanics being added to the hardcore tactical first-person extraction shooter, more so than previous tests, as they'll be giving you as close to[...]
Arena Breakout Announces New Regional Closed Betas
MoreFun Studios Group revealed this week that they will be launching new regional closed betas for their upcoming mobile title Arena Breakout The team will be focusing on specific areas as they look to test the game on a global level, so that when they launch, everything will be nominal across the board in every[...]