EA Really Wants You To Celebrate Star Wars Day With The Old Republic, But We'll Pass, Thanks


EA's official Twitter account sent out a tweet this afternoon saying "Celebrate #MayThe4th with @SWOTR!" and included a video of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Not going to lie, while I'm excited for Star Wars Day every year, the last way I'd celebrate it is by playing The Old Republic.

And as much as I love BioWare games (even when they're terrible), I just…guys, come on. Just give us some Battlefront II news so we have something to actually be excited about when it comes to EA Star Wars games.

Sure, The Old Republic has an astounding 85% on Metacritic and a number of four and five-star reviews and defenses. But let's stop kidding ourselves. The last time we got a good Star Wars game, it was Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

The first Battlefront reboot was plagued with microtransactions and bugs, didn't have a single-player campaign, and had terrible multiplayer matchmaking. The Old Republic was an unremarkable and unimaginative MMO set in the Star Wars universe, basically ignoring all the strengths of the Star Wars IP. I think our resident expert on all things Star Wars, Jeremy Konrad, said it best when it comes to SWTOR:

"I hated it with every fiber of my being. While the cutscenes could be (and should be) films on their own, the experience of actually playing the game frustrated me to the point where I haven't played another PC game since."

Yeah, The Old Republic killed Star Wars games for years. But now, Battlefront II has given us hope again, just when we'd lost all concept of what a good Star Wars game even looks like.

I get it, EA. The Old Republic is still going, and you need to make money. But please, don't insult us like this. Just repost the Battlefront II teaser again. It'd be kinder.

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