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30 Days Of Night – 24 Trades Of Christmas
30 Days of Night was a straight forward vampire novel by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith They had worked together on Spawn the Dark Ages but neither were household names at the time The book came out from IDW Publishing, a company created by former Wildstorm employees and who had published books by Ashley Wood[...]
What's Eating Evil Ernie?
And you have four different covers including a painted one by Lucio Parillo and another by Ben Templesmith, one of the go-to guys for horror. Like I said, seems like a good bet Yet, with the order cutoff coming up on Monday, I'm hearing that order for the comic stand at under 8,000 units For the[...]
Wear Ben Templesmith's Demons Tight Against Your Skin
Ben Templesmith has launched the latest line of clothing using his designs at They will be able to sell on-line until July 10th until they disappear forever. Leggings, dresses, including longer styles, and T-shirts.   Perfect convention clobber?     Ben Templesmith has launched the latest line of clothing using his designs at They will be able to sell on-line[...]
Things To Do In Burbank Sunday If You Like Comics, Buffy Or Horror
She has also written comics including Shadowplay with Ben Templesmith for IDW Publishing She is also a novelist and has a series of books called The Echo Park Coven that has the second book just hitting stands… hence the signing. I got to meet Amber a few years back at a signing when IDW republished her Shadowplay[...]
Welcome To Wessex – Ben Templesmith's New Saxploitation Comic #TBF15
Over on Ben Templesmith's Patreon page, he mentions, amongst other books, that he is working on a new one shot comic called Welcome To Wessex. I met up with Ben at Thought Bubble in Leeds and he told me that it's what he calls a "saxploitation" comic book, nothing to do with the instrument, but Saxons[...]
Ben Templesmith Talks Tip Jar Economics And Comic Book Creators
Ben Templesmith posted on Facebook, There's a fair bit of discussion these days about paying for autographs and such I know a few pros have been making it pretty much mandatory at shows for a long time, some advocate others to do it, some are considering it, and some are adamantly against it. I think I'm in[...]
Ben Templesmith Drawing Batman
Ben Templesmith, co-creator on 30 Days of Night as well as having drawn Gotham By Midnight, has posted this little instagram video showing how he makes his art with a Batman piece.   It's #saturdaybaturday 17! Bruce had some bad LSD Original art now up at #art #comics #cosplay #batman #bignaturals #horror #beleiber #kanyewest #kardashian[...]
Volunteers Are The Heart And Soul Of MSP Comic Con In Minnesota
Popular writer/artist and hometown hero Dan Jurgens made his usual appearance at the Minnesota show, and other featured guests included artists JK Woodward, Aaron Lopresti, Ben Templesmith, Peter Gross, Pat Gleason, and Gordon Purcell. A good number of comic book dealers were at the show, proving that Golden Age and Silver Age comics still have a[...]
Ben Templesmith Launches… HP Lovecraft's Dagon (UPDATE)
UPDATE: And here it is! Ben Templesmith has told recipients of his mailing list about his next project Dagon Adapting the story by HP Lovecraft. DAGON is the first Lovecraft story I ever read It's also one of his earlier ones, is public domain, deals with things dear to my squidly heart… and is just oozing in[...]
Preview Of Gotham By Midnight #3 By Fawkes And Templesmith
Okay, I'll admit it… I love seeing Ben Templesmith's art on a DC Batman title Ben brings such an amazing mood to his work that I think goes so well with the darker side of the Dark Knight The third issue of Gotham By Midnight comes out tomorrow and here are some preview pages for[...]
IDW And Farrago Team Up To Host Free Digital Comics Via App
IDW has heralded their partnership with Farrago by bringing 10 #1 issues of fan-favorite comics to the app for free, including work by Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, Jonathan Maberry, Chris Roberson, Ashley Wood, and many more. Those comics and the dates they will be available are: Now: 30 Days of Night #1 Mystery Society #1 Winterworld #1 Zombies vs Robots #0 On[...]
Gotham By Midnight – A Festivus For The Rest Of Us
That's certainly what we see in Gotham Academy and Batgirl and now, in Gotham by Midnight. I've been a fan of Ben Templesmith's work for a number of years, from 30 Days of Night to Fell, and a host of series since, and he's been in the forefront of individual style couched firmly in horror and[...]
A Comic Show – Gotham By Midnight's Superior Spectre!
This moody, dark Bat-book is perfect for Ben Templesmith, and is recommended for anyone who digs DC dark titles Deathstroke #2 is here, it's fast paces and full of surprise guest stars I'm not a fan of the direction of this younger Slade, but I did enjoy this issue more than the first If you[...]