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Jason Starr and Will Conrad Launch "Red Border" From AWA Comics
One final upcoming launch from Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso's new New York-based comics publisher, AWA Comics Red Border by Jason Starr and Will Conrad. Jason Starr is a crime novelist, who has also written comics such as Punisher MAX and Wolverine MAX for Marvel when Alonso was EIC there, as well as writing Doc Savage[...]
John Lees and Dalibor Talajić Launch "Hotell" From AWA Comics
  We have another upcoming launch from Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso's new New York-based comics publisher, AWA Comics Hotell by John Lees and Dalibor Talajić Lees is not the biggest of names, he broke out with indie hit And Then Emily Was Gone, with lots of work for ComixTribe including Oxymoron, Scam and Sink, as well[...]
Benjamin Percy Launches Two Comics From AWA - Year Zero and Devil's Highway
But he's taking the Bill Jemas and Azel Alonso shilling for two new creator-owned titles being published by AWA Comics as part of their Upshot creator-owned imprint. The first is Devil's Highway, drawn by Brent Schoonover  Devil's Highway – Drive Like Hell A young woman with a dark family secret embarks on a quest to hunt down the[...]
Ales Kot and Robert Sammelin's Savior, Coming From AWA Comics
Many of the ideas turned up in Chosen instead. Anyway, Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso are dropping the 'u' and publishing a different comic with similar themes, also written by a bit of an unusual lefty, Ales Kot, and drawn by Robert Sammelin, who previously drew an issue of Kot's Zero for Image Comics. Anyway, here's a[...]
Bill Jemas Registers Trademarks for Upstart, Upshot and Sandbox
Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you about the existence of ex-Marvel publisher Bill Jemas' new comics-and-other-media publisher Artists, Writers & Artisans based in New York with Axel Alonso as their editor-in-chief. Bleeding Cool previously reported on the publisher registering trademarks for the following: Color Angels Animatronically Correct Full House Eyepop Well, they had to abandon trademarks for Color and Angels, due to[...]
Rupert Murdoch's Large Adult Son is Investing in Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso's AWA Comics
Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso are both former leaders of Marvel Comics, Jemas the former Publisher and Alonso the former Editor-in-Chief So it's no surprise that the duo would take a few cues from Marvel in launching their latest venture: Artists, Writers, & Artisans Like Marvel, whose chief shareholder prior to the Disney sale and[...]
Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso's AWA Comics Issues Their Mission Statements
Bill Jemas, Axel Alonso and Jon F Miller are the folk who head up Artists Writers & Artistans Inc, the new comics publisher Bleeding Cool has been talking about for a year, though it seems most folk were waiting until the press release to say anything. It is abbreviated AWA, which looks like the name of[...]
Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso Grab Garth, Grant, JMS and Frank Cho for Artists, Writers, Artisans Inc
Bleeding Cool has been covering the upcoming launch of a new comic book/multi-media publisher Artists, Writers & Artisans Inc for a while now, since July. Formed by former Marvel Comics President Bill Jemas, with former Marvel EIC Axel Alonso hired as EIC With investments from Alexander Taussag of Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Jon Miller of multi-billion investment firm TPG Capital. We reported[...]
Bill Jemas of AWA is hiring comic creators and editors.
Bleeding Cool has been covering the existence of ex-Marvel publisher Bill Jemas' new comics-and-other-media publisher Artists, Writers & Artisans. based in New York. That it has hired ex-Marvel EIC Axel Alonso as their editor-in-chief That the money is coming from Alexander Taussag of Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Jon Miller of multi-billion investment firm TPG Capital who recently bought the Fandom websites[...]
How Things Change – Bill Jemas and 'AOL Comics'
Once upon a time, then-Marvel publisher Bill Jemas used to refer to his rival DC Comics as 'AOL Comics' Warner Bros and AOL had merged, he used it as an insult, a shot across the bows This kind of thing. The average Marvel book sells over 50,000 units per month The average AOL book sells under[...]
Bill Jemas and Axel Alonso Talent-Hunting For New Comics Publisher
That ex-Marvel publisher Bill Jemas was starting up a new comic book publisher and looking for people And that he may have been behind this wanted ad And I also heard that ex-Marvel EIC Axel Alonso was doing the same thing. Well, tonight I have heard from a couple of pretty reliable industry sources, that these two things are actually[...]
Bill Jemas to Return to Comics Publishing?
Bleeding Cool has heard that Bill Jemas is getting back into the comics industry Apparently, he thinks the comics industry desperately needs something — and that thing, it appears, is him. A former executive vice president of Marvel Comics, he entered the business through trading card company Fleer Bill Jemas gained prominence in the nineties, kicking[...]
Bill Jemas of AWA is hiring comic creators and editors.
Last year, Bill Jemas's venture into launching a brand new share comics universe set in the world of the classic film Night of the Living Dead came to an end when the company closed down At the time, Bleeding Cool speculated on Jemas's next move, suggesting that he could work with Valiant Entertainment's Chinese overlords,[...]
Valiant Reboots Website, Offers Free #1 Issues As Jumping-On Points
And though the company hasn't yet been as forward-thinking as Bleeding Cool's intrusive auto-play video ads, they are offering some other cool things as well, including some tools to help new readers figure out how to purchase and read Valiant comics: Detailed release and event calendars Throughout 2017 and beyond, Valiant is traveling the world to bring[...]
Bill Jemas Writes To All Comic Book Retailers With Free Comics
Bill Jemas has sent a letter to all comic book retailers in the USA with free copies of the first and second Double Take Superpacks of ten launch zombie titles, all sequels to Night Of The Living Dead, one of which, X-Men, has already been optioned as a movie. He writes, Greetings! I know many of you from[...]
Double Take Zombie Comics Sell Out – And Bill Jemas Says They Won't Be Reprinted
Back in the day, then-publisher of Marvel Comics Bill Jemas made the decree that they would stop reprinting comics that sold out As a result not only did certain titles such as Ultimate Spider-Man become incredibly collectible, but retailers were encouraged to make higher orders to begin with rather tan relying on being able to[...]
NYCC '15: Bill Jemas Is Creating An Ultimate Zombie Superhero Universe
Comic book svengali Bill Jemas and Double Take Studios recently took the intriguing step of launching ten ongoing zombie comic book series as sequels to the public domain movie Night Of The Living Dead, all set in the sixties. It was a peculiar decision, certainly But when you discover where it's all heading, it suddenly makes[...]
Hot Topic Bans Bill Jemas' Zombie Comics Over Sex And Drugs References
Last month we learned that the Hot Topic chain was to sell the Double Take line of Ultimate Night of The Living Dead comics, published by Bill Jemas, nationally. And that was to happen this week Until Monday, when Double Take shipped the comics currently getting a big write-up in the New York Daily News and[...]
Bill Jemas' Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead Gets A Super Pack Trailer (Video) can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Ultimate Night of the Living Dead | Double Take ( For the Double Take Comics launch of ten ongoing zombie comic books on one day – this Wednesday – or in a super pack, as the trailer will seek to convince you to buy. Has Bill Jemas got another[...]
Living In The Night Of The Living Deadiverse
This is not the first universe Bill Jemas has created But as the Ultimate Universe comes is dying  death, his new comic book universe is… living an undeath Or something. With ten separate ongoing comics set in the Night Of The Living Dead world, here's a map of Evans County, PA that lays out where each individual[...]
Talking Double Take And Their 10 Title Launch With Gabe Yocum
The company is founded by former Marvel president Bill Jemas, who I will be interviewing for Bleeding Cool Magazine in the next couple of days… but to find out more about the company and the shotgun style launch I talked with the company's sales and marketing coordinator Gabe Yocum. DAN WICKLINE: How did you get involved[...]
Bill Jemas Is Publishing 10 Zombie Comics In September
We mentioned that Bill Jemas was publishing and co-writing a couple of zombie comic books in July this year, dubbed "Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead" for Double Take, the comic book spinoff from Take2 Interactive Software. Well those two issues appear to have been revamped and resolicited for July… and they are bringing some friends[...]
Double Take To Launch 10 Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead Series At Once
Bill Jemas doesn't like to do things small… he also loves the word Ultimate His new publishing company, Double Take, is going to launch 10 new #1's for 10 new series all in the Ultimate Night Of The Living Dead universe at the same time Back in March they announced 3 of the series: Rise,[...]
When Grant Morrison Could Have Owned A Chunk Of Marvel…
As the Ultimate Universe comes to an end at Marvel Comics (possibly), the originator of the line, Bill Jemas, has been interviewed by Italian site Fumettologica, talking about his time with Marvel comics And his inability to keep Grant Morrison at Marvel on New X-Men, rather than moving to DC Comics for Batman. Marvel were rather keen to[...]