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Rob Liefeld Auctions BloodStrike Remastered NFTs For 30th Anniversary
Unless it's on Andrew Rev's own private shelves. Rob Liefeld Auctions BloodStrike Remastered NFTs For 30th Anniversary So instead Rob Liefeld turns to one of his spinoff titles from thirty years ago, Bloodstrike Announcing an NFT auction for remastered copies of Bloodstrike #1 via his MakersPlace account, with nine unique NFT covers Liefeld says "For this special[...]
Bloodstrike #0 cover by Michel Fiffe
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] We open on a Bloodstrike mission that goes sideways, leaving all members of the team apparently dead Jump ahead a few months, and we see the arrest, death, and rebirth of Deadlock He joins up with the Four, only to be defeated and beaten to death by Youngblood This leads Deadlock to join up[...]
Netflix Acquires Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe for Film Options
I cannot wait to show the world what we have in store." – Rob Liefeld Known for a subversive, edgy style that help define the line, Liefeld's Extreme Universe deal covers six comic books and more than 50 characters, including Brigade, Bloodstrike, Cybrid, Re-Gex, Bloodwulf, and Kaboom Goldsman first showed up on Extreme's radar while he was[...]
Sir Robert Liefeld's Bloodstrike is making another comeback The 1990s black ops superteam will apparently see a revival from Michael Fiffe, creator of the comic book COPRA Fiffe revealed the news on Twitter: Don't rub the blood Drown in it — Michel Fiffe (@MichelFiffe) October 11, 2017 This isn't the first time Bloodstrike has been revived[...]
Youngblood Becomes A Double Feature With Rob Liefeld's Bloodstrike Finale In August
For three issues, Youngblood will come up with a backup story serializing Sir Robert Liefeld's Bloodstrike Finale! "Bloodstrike fans have been beyond patient as I work towards completing the saga I originally envisioned that ties directly into larger plans for my Extreme vision for my Extreme Universe," said Liefeld in a press release from Image[...]
Dan Fraga's Largest Piece Of Art Covers A Comic Shop
Fraga has worked on Spider-Man, Wolverine and Bloodstrike as well as on the Ricky Gervais show where he directed seasons two and three If you check out his page, you will find some video of him at work And you can find out more about the store here. There is a comic[...]
Self Swipe File: Rob Liefeld's X-Force And Bloodstrike
  This is the solicited cover for Bloodstrike #35, published online in December 2012 for publication from Image Comics in March 2013… The series was never published though art from the series was used to illustrate Liefeld's Kickstarter appeal for a Brigade comic which raised $35,000 but still without the promised publication Currently Rob Liefeld says that,[...]