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Rick Remender, Brian Posehn, Brett Parson and Moreno Dinisio's Grommets was announced last year at New York Comic Con to be launched in April 2024 as an "'80s-infused coming-of-age story" and part of Remender's Image Comics exclusive Giant Generator line Well, it is now part of Image Comics' May 2024 solicits and solicitations. In Grommets, two[...]
Rick Remender, Brian Posehn, Brett Parson and Moreno Dinisio are creating an all-new, ongoing comic book from Image Comics called Grommets, launching in April 2024 as an "'80s-infused coming-of-age story" and part of Remender's new Image Comics exclusive Giant Generator line And comes with variant covers by David Lapham, Andrew Robinson, Alex Riegel, Chuck BB,[...]
Posehna Non Grata: Brian Posehn Comedy Special Out December 8th
Moment House and Brian Posehn join forces on December 8th for the hour-long comedy special Posehn Non Grata Pre-orders for tickets to the event by Moment House are available now, and the special will be available to watch for 14 days after airing. Credit: Moment House Posehn has been known for multiple appearances on television and worked on a[...]
Gerry Duggan to Launch Substack Comics Too, But First a Book of Photos
It's a globe-spanning experience that provides a peek behind the curtain in Hollywood, and behind the scenes in comic books." Photos include those of Patton Oswalt, Meredith Salinger, Matt Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Brian Posehn, Bob Odenkirk, Weird Al Yankovic, Tom Lennon, Jon Hamm, Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Rick Remender, Clint Eastwood, David Lynch, Martin[...]
Marvel Comics Wednesday X-Men
Not the only injoke playing out in the comic book, however. While Brian Posehn, comedian, actor and former Deadpool comic book writer gets shade thrown in his direction by his very own characters Deadpool, fourth-wall breaker, doesn't let a little thing like the Hellfire Gala stop him but at least he has made his way to[...]
Star Trek
All Rights Reserved The Pakled, voiced by Rich Fulcher and Brian Posehn, are a large and simple-minded race that use their brute strength and weaponry to impose their will, with their decision-making based on who has the biggest crown The senior officers of the U.S.S Cerritos largely humor them as one flees aboard the ship from[...]
Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes
But one solution is to bring other artists in to help out with the workload, which is why Bleeding Cool likes to run Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes to keep up with such things. Deadpool Nerdy #30 #1 was solicited as written by Fabian Nicieza, Skottie Young, Kelly Thompson, Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Daniel Way, and Joe Kelly –[...]
THE GREAT DEBATE -- Episode 107 -- Pictured: (l-r) Baron Vaughn, Maude Garrett, Ify Nwadiwe, Jonah Ray, Matt Kirshen -- (Photo by: Richie Knapp/SYFY)
Aisha Taylor, Adam Savage, Amber Nash, Brian Posehn, Jonah Ray, Mayim Bialik, Orlando Jones, and many others will celebrate how much they know and love cultural icons. Also onboard is the wisecracking Droid sidekick, DB-8, checking facts busting chops along with a live studio audience to supply Hall H level energy to the proceedings The fine[...]
The Sneakiest of Peeks Ahead at Marvel Comics #1001
The sequel to Marvel Comics #1000, it continues the same overarching idea of an ongoing story by Al Ewing threaded through a litany one one page stories by the good and the great from Marvel Comics' history. Currently that includes writers Al Ewing, Audrey Loeb, Jimmy Palmiotti, Declan Shalvey, Vita Ayala, Howard Chaykin, Kaare Andrews, Frank[...]
Brian Posehn Remembers Writing Deadpool in Memoir, Forever Nerdy
Forever Nerdy: Living My Dorky Dreams and Staying Metal is the first memoir volume by comedian, actor, and writer Brian Posehn, with a foreword by Patton Oswalt. He's also known for writing Deadpool with Gerry Duggan for Marvel Comics, and that gets a mention in the book. He writes: In 2011 my friend Gerry Duggan and I began cowriting the popular[...]
David Cross Wrote A Ton Of Jokes For Destiny… And None Of Them Were Used
In fact, the developer brought Arrested Development's David Cross and comedian Brian Posehn on board for a while to write jokes for Peter Dinklage's Ghost character It turns out none of this was used in the final game though Speaking to IGN, Cross revealed: Brian Posehn and I got asked and jumped at the chance[...]
X-Men Full Panel Report From SDCC – Amazing X-Men, Longshot And X-23 (Updated w/Photos)
And based on this panel, there are a few more on the way, including the new Nightcrawler-starring "Amazing X-Men" and a new solo mini for Longshot. The panel included Brian Michael Bendis (writer, All-New X-Men, Uncanny X-Men), Chris Hastings (writer), Brian Posehn (writer), Gerry Duggan (writer), Paul Cornell (writer, Wolverine), editor Jeanine Schaefer, Peter David (writer,[...]
ECCC: Why Brian Posehn Couldn't Kill The Kardashians
Gavin Lees writes; Brian Posehn is best known as a stand-up comedian, and for his roles in Just Shoot Me and The Sarah Silverman Program  It's clear from his public persona that he embraces geek culture in many ways, including comic books  It was not surprising then when Marvel announced that their new Deadpool series would be co-written[...]
The Topless Brian Posehn Talks Deadpool – Marvel AR
So here's a look at some of the wackiness you could have found in the first couple of issues of Deadpool. Or you could skip to the end to ogle Brian Posehn's naked flesh… [youtube][/youtube] Not everyone has a device that runs Marvel AR[...]
Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan And Tony Moore Relaunch Deadpool For Marvel Now!
IGN and Marvel have done a deal to announce the tease for Marvel's new Deadpool book as part of the Marvel Now! relaunch, from writers and comedians Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Walking Dead co-creator, Tony Moore. You can see how that might work. IGN and Marvel have done a deal to announce the tease for[...]