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Collectors Summit Dallas 2023
If you've ever wanted a convention-style experience that was just about vintage paper, Collectors Summit sounds like the event for you.  Their upcoming event will be held at Heritage Auction headquarters in Dallas on November 4-5, 2023, and it's geared towards serious collectors of Golden Age to Bronze Age comic books, pulp magazines, original artwork,[...]
Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 (Marvel, 1972)
The 1972 Marvel comic book features the origin and first appearance of popular character Luke Cage in a story written by Archie Goodwin and drawn by George Tuska and John Romita, with inks by Billy Graham.  The cover of the issue is by Romita.  The auction result is a huge level-up for sales of this[...]
Machine Man #1, Marvel 1978.
The character Machine Man was the result of a confluence of a number of events at Marvel during the later 1970s.  The company was launching a number of high-profile science fiction projects based on movies, it had acquired the license for Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, and comic book industry legend Jack Kirby had just[...]
Unboxing The Marvel Bronze Age Folio Society
Concluding their Marvel Ages trilogy from The Folio Society, Marvel: The Bronze Age 1970–1980 curated by Roy Thomas, with an introduction by Chris Claremont includes landmark tales of Spider-Man, Hulk, Luke Cage, Captain America, X-Men, Iron Man and The Eternals  Ian Jepson provides a yellow cover design ravaged by Wolverine's claws, while a mosaic of[...]
DC Comics Regig 'Bronze Age' Covers For Upcoming Collections?
  DC Comics has been publishing a number of Bronze Age Omnibus collections, collecting comics work from the seventies and early eighties, in a similar manner as they have Golden Age and Silver Age collections And they have a similar house style… Bleeding Cool previously reported how retailer orders for Justice League Of America: The Bronze Age Vol 1[...]