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Arcade1Up Reveals Pro Edition Cabinets & More During CES 2022
Arcade1Up had a few surprises up their sleeves for CES 2022, as they revealed a few new cabinets and a brand new line for 2022 The big reveal from the company is the brand new Pro Series for those who wish to have the full-on arcade experience No longer a smaller version with a booster[...]
Razer Revealed Several At-Home Items During CES 2022
During CES 2022, Razer unveiled a number of new items that specifically pertained more to gaming at home than accessories The two big items from the list of reveals are the Zephjyr Pro, which it looks like will be a major seller with COVID-19's Omicron variant going around, and the Project Sophia which looks amazing[...]
IOGEAR Reveals Multiple Products During CES 2022
IOGEAR revealed several new products during CES 2022 this year as they are providing new options across the board for gamers The team really rolled out the bandwagon this year as they brought nearly two dozen new products across the board to show off for this year's event We're going to show them off below[...]
Govee Shows Off More RGBIC Items During CES 2022
Govee took part in CES 2022 this year, bringing with this a few new items as they showed off more wall-mounted RGBIC items for personal use The two main items they had to show off were the Wall Light and their Hexa Panels, both of which operate by being stuck in patterns you choose to[...]
Razer & Fossil Announce The Gen 6 Smartwatch At CES 2022
During CES 2022 today, Razer revealed a brand new collaboration with Fossil as they're releasing the Gen 6 Smartwatch together This will be the first smartwatch powered by the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ Platform, which is an overall upgrade from the previous system that will give you accuracy, better performance, adaptivity, and more when it comes[...]
OWC Announces Atlas Pro Series During CES 2022
OWC was among the many exhibitors who took part in CES 2022 this week, as they brought the Atlas Pro Series to show off for the event The primary focus for the company was to provide storage options as they gave a wide array of new choices for those who are in desperate need of[...]
PNY Reveals The New GeForce RTX 3050 During CES 2022
PNY joined the group of exhibitors for CES 2022 this year and brought with them a brand new item with the GeForce RTX 3050 This new graphics card has apparently been designed to marry the performance and efficiency of the NVIDIA Ampere architecture with upgraded features, such as making it the first 50-class desktop GPU[...]
MSI Reveals New Changes To Creator & Gamer Laptops At CES 2022
MSI has a number of updates to reveal during CES 2022 as the company gave a rundown of the changes to their line of gaming laptops The company has updated its lineup of laptops, primarily used by both creators working on Twitch, YouTube, and more, as well as gamers of all types from the casual[...]
HyperX Reveals 300-Hour Wireless Gaming Headset At CES 2022
HyperX revealed multiple items for CES 2022 today, including the world's first 300-hour wireless gaming headset for PC and consoles Six new items are on the docket this week from the company, including a new keyboard, an update to their gaming mouse, a new version of their gaming controller, and a few different headsets The[...]
Razer Shows Off All-New Blade Gaming Laptops For CES 2022
Razer has several revealed during CES 2022, which started off with a brand new series of Blade gaming laptops going out this week The three new models are the Blade 14, Blade 15, and Blade 17, each taking their name for the size monitor they come equipped with Each of them gives you various options[...]
CORSAIR Launches New Their New ONE i300 During CES 2022
CORSAIR has revealed and launched a brand new item during CES 2022 today as they unveiled the brand new CORSAIR One i300 Adding another option to their line of compact desktop PCs, this one comes equipped with 12th Gen Intel Core processors, along with the formidable and powerful Intel Core i9-12900K The company also stacked[...]
MSI Announces Withdraw Of Physical Presence At CES 2022
MSI has announced today that they will officially be pulling out of CES 2022 with their physical presence and will not be in Las Vegas The company released a brief statement earlier today confirming their on-site CES physical presence in Las Vegas will be canceled "for the safety of all employees, customers, and fans" The[...]