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Now Chuck Dixon And Gary Kwapisz' Civil War Adventure Comes To Dover Publishing

Civil War Adventure by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz was published by History Press in 2010 And is the latest in prominent comic books being put back into print by Dover Publishing, including Bozz Chronicles, A Sailor's Story and more Ten stories set during the Civil War, researched with extra text, maps and images to[...]

Preview Titan's Omnibus Edition Of Alien Legion: Dead & Buried

Alien Legion: Dead & Buried, a massive 368 page graphic novel omnibus collection of the classic comics, arrives September 3rd from Titan Comics, written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Larry Stroman and Randy Emberli, colors by John Wellington, and letters by Phil Felix.Titan describe the book thus: When your planet is torn apart by internal[...]

Four Color Roots Part 5: A Misspent Youth At Early '90s Comic Cons

I still couldn’t afford the back issue one-shot of Chuck Dixon’s Vengeance of Bane #1; similarly, I’d missed Dixon’s appearance at a Pennsylvania comic store a few months back, though the owner offered to let me have a French fry that he’d touched I politely declined.At this time, utterly gripped by the “Knightfall” storyline running[...]

Chuck Dixon's Punisher Vs Dinosaurs Vs Conservatives

Back in 2007, Chuck Dixon wrote of Marvel EIC Axel Alonso, "were Axel to become the king of the world it would not affect my standing at Marvel one iota I'm blacklisted... "It's the same reason that you have for wanting me blacklisted I am apparently an intolerant, hate-filled bigot And it is as petty as me[...]

Watch The Trailer For The First Alien Legion In Fifteen Years From Titan

Alien Legion: Uncivil War #1 lands on June 25th, a single-issue series from Titan Comics written by Chuck Dixon, with art by Larry Stroman, and Carl Potts and colors by Tom Mason The series brings back the original creators on Alien Legion, Dixon and Potts, in all new stories for the first time in 15[...]

Frank Miller Would Like Another Stab At Captain America. Would Marvel Let Him?

Chuck Dixon is a prominent conservative comic book writer Paul Rivoche is a comic book artist Together, they fight liberals.They wrote a joint article published in the Wall Street Journal taking comics, specifically superhero comics to task for being too liberal, taking the 2011 issue of Superman where he rejected his US citizenship as proof[...]

Warren Ellis' Gun Machine And Chuck Dixon's Winterworld As TV Series For XBox Originals

Just about.Novelist and comics writer Warren Ellis' novel Gun Machine is one of a bunch of new series being made for XBox Entertainment Studios as XBox Originals, Brett Conrad writing the pilot.As is Chuck Dixon and Jorge Zaffino's Winterworld, currently being published by IDW and being developed by IDW and Creative Circle.Here's the full list.Deadlands:[...]

Chuck Dixon's Winterworld, Defrosted From IDW In June

Chuck Dixon and Jorge Zaffino's Winterworld series, originally published by Marvel, is being revived from June by IDW, joined by artist Butch Guice.They'd previously republished the original Winterworld and its new sequel Wintersea, about a frozen planet, but there was still the third part of the series, previously referred to as Winterwar This could be[...]

Friday Runaround – Millar Per Hour

WALK THIS WAYThe Hollywood Reporter on Duncan Fegredo and Mark Millar's new creator owned comic, MPH; The new book follows four 19-year olds who get their hands on a street drug that gives them the ability to move at light-speed for seven days -- all set in present-day Detroit.Millar promises no costumes and no code-names in what[...]

Anatomy Lesson – Nightwing #25 – The Boys By Chuck Dixon And Scott McDaniel

Brandon Thomas writes for Bleeding Cool:“The Boys” by Chuck Dixon & Scott McDanielExcuse me if you’ve heard this before---but Chuck Dixon is the reason I write comics…It was his panel on the Ten Commandments of Comic Book Writing that provided the first true spark, diverting my attention away from a writing life of action[...]

The New Alien Legion Comics – But What About The Old One?

From Carl Potts and Larry Stroman.So what of these pages from an unpublished planned story, originally scheduled to come out from Dark Horse, written by Chuck Dixon, drawn by Larry Stroman and inked by Carl Potts? Will it be forgotten - or integrated?  Titan Comics announced a new Alien Legion comic,[...]

What Will DC Comic Creators See From Man Of Steel?

Well, except to the Supreme Court.— Mark Waid (@MarkWaid) June 14, 2013  I had heard this mentioned before - in an interview with Chuck Dixon by CBR, "on 'Batman Begins,' the scene in which Bruce Wayne picks out the Batmobile from his own garage – I called Paul up and said 'I'm the only guy who ever wrote[...]

The Creators Of Bane Turn To Social Funding For New Graphic Novel, Joe Frankenstein

Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan are best known for their creation of Batman-back-breaking Bane Together, they fight crime.No, wait...Together, they create a new graphic novel, Joe Frankenstein, to be published by IDW next year, the first in a series of 120 page, full color graphic novels to be published next year.But in order to get[...]

As Batman Fights Bane, Chuck Dixon Rocks The War Charts

Earlier today, Chuck Dixon was brought into the current poltical culture snafu of Bane sounding like Mitt Romney's previous employer Bain, and Batman being painted as the ultimate conservative against the Occupy Gotham movement in the new film The Dark Knight Rises And how the creation of the Bane character is just free advertising for[...]

Chuck Dixon, Rush Limbaugh, Bane, Bain And The Dark Knight Rises

As many comic fans will already know, not only did Bane first appear nearly two decades ago (Vengeance of Bane #1, 1993), created by Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan,  but Dixon himself is one of the comic book industry's best-known political conservatives  During the Dixonverse messageboard thread on the matter, he noted of the Bane/Bain[...]

Chuck Dixon's Seal Team Six Number One War Book On Kindle

But maybe it should be.Because Seal Teal Six, an ebook by Chuck Dixon published by Dynamite Entertainment is currently the best selling war book on the Amazon Kindle.Admittedly that means its only number 196 on the whole chart But that's out of over 100,000, so...It's possible the 99 cent price point might help.Oh and there's[...]

Claimbusters: Who Is Chuck Dixon?

That’s the question that headlines the front page of the Dixonverse, Chuck Dixon’s online home.  According to the site, “Chuck Dixon is recognized across the industry as the most prolific writer working in comics today.” Hmm… there are quite a few writers that would disagree with that For example, Brian Michael Bendis’ name pops up[...]