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Avatar Press Solicitations For June 2015 – Si Spurrier Joins Crossed +100
The big news from Avatar in June, and talked about at the weekend's London Super Comic-Con is that Si Spurrier, the author of Crossed: Wish You Were Here is writing an arc of Alan Moore's Crossed +100 series from his notes And Alan Moore's Providence jumps in size to a 40 page comic without ads[...]
43 Thoughts About 43 Comics – From Leonard Nimoy To Stjepan Šejić
We mentioned that from Grayson last night… …and it continues today. They're talking about his buttocks, folks. Does it ever? Stjepan Sejic joining Rat Queens hands us a lesson that, probably, can be applied to many aspects of life. Remember that webcomic that got taken down for "appropriation" of Japanese culture? I wonder what the hell they'll make of today's Crossed:[...]
The Crossed DOA Webcomic Reaches Its Very Bloody Conclusion
The new webcomic episode of Garth Ennis and Daniel Gete's Crossed DOA is ready and waiting for you.  And the previous 11 chapters are ready to be caught up with. One's sins will catch up with you and as we reach the end, we revisit the beginning… As well as the regular request to consider donating to the[...]
The Ascent Of Psychopath – Garth Ennis' Latest Crossed Webcomic
The new webcomic episode of Garth Ennis and Daniel Gete's Crossed DOA has just hit. Looking into the psychopathic mindset of our lead character – as we have been teased by what exactly he is planning to do, in order to survive. As well as the regular request to consider donating to the Crossed DOA webisodes and move,[...]
Crossed Day Is Coming April 15th
The fourth annual Crossed Day is going to be April 15th (Tax day here in the U.S.) And for the first time the event will be centered on a writer other than the series creator Garth Ennis Uber writer Kieron Gillen scripts Crossed: Badlands #75 which will be hitting stores that day. The new story arc[...]
Today's Batman Reads Like Crossed – And Joker Gets A Retcon
There may be no Crossed Badlands or Crossed +100 comics published today And the webcomic Crossed: DOA comes out tomorrow But today's Batman feels like you don't miss a beat. I think Scott Snyder really likes Crossed But probably hasn't time to write it outside of his other work-for-hire commitments. But that's okay That's what Batman is[...]
A New Chapter Of Crossed: DOA Hits In The Most Crossed Week To Date
On Wednesday, Bleeding Cool's publisher Avatar Press published Crossed Badlands #70, Crossed +100 #2 and Bleeding Cool Magazine's Apocalypse issue, featuring a Crossed +100 cover and Alan Moore interview But they all cost money. Today's webcomic of Crossed: DOA by Garth Ennis and Daniel Gete is free Though they would really like you to donate some cash[...]
43 Thoughts About 43 Of Today's Comics – Batman And Robin To Crossed +100
And now, on the floor as well.   There are lots of reasons to love the new Crossed +100 #2 out today (with an interview with writer Alan Moore in today's Bleeding Cool Magazine as well)  but the beginning, with the survivors of the future looking at the irrelevent fiction of the past with JRR Tolkein getting[...]
Bleeding Cool Magazine #14 Is Out Today – The Apocalypse Issue
With Alan Moore's Crossed +100 on the cover, today's Bleeding Cool Magazine, the fourteenth main issue (and the seventeenth if you count the zero and two FCBD issues) tooks to some very nasty futures indeed With multiple issues covering comics such as Rai, Escape From New York, a run down of a history of post[...]
Avatar Solicitations For April 2015 – Alan Moore To Garth Ennis To Max Brooks
Here are the books from Avatar Press shipping in April 2015… new Crossed Badlands and Extinction Parade collections, the continuing Crossed + 100 from Alan Moore and Gabriele Andrade, Kieron Gillen writes Crossed for C-Day, as well as more Uber, Dark Gods, War Stories and God Is Dead… CROSSED VOL 12 TPB $24.99 Cover: Gabriel Andrade Writer: David Lapham Art:[...]
Kieron Gillen's Crossed #75 For 2015's C-Day  In April – All The Covers
Every year in mid-April, Avatar Press hosts Crossed parties in comic book stores across the English speaking world, to coincide with the 25th, 50th and now 75th issue of Crossed Badlands. It's called C-Day and it's coming  on April 15th 2015. Written by Kieron Gillen, drawn by Fernando Heinz, it features the Crossed outbreak that somehow we survived,[...]
Avatar Solicitations For March 2014 From Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Justin Jordan, David Hine, Mike Costa And More
March's solicitations for Avatar Press show the latest in Alan Moore's first monthly comic in ages, Crossed +100, and plenty more from some very familiar talents… GOD IS DEAD VOL 04 TPB $19.99 Cover: Jacen Burrows Writer: Mike Costa Art: Juan Frigeri, Emiliano Urdinola MR, Color, 144 pages Everything Mike Costa has written has been building to this epic fourth volume! With the[...]
How Could You Survive A Crashing Aeroplane, Crossed-Style?
Crossed: Dead Or Alive has just released a new episode by Garth Ennis and Daniel Gete in its attempt to crowdsource money to launch a series of webisodes written and directed by Garth Ennis. They're almost half way to their pre-production budget of $30,000, and have been signing up folks for all the reward items for those who pledge[...]
Kieron Gillen Names His First Crossed Story 'Homo Tortor'
In the back pages of yesterday's Uber #20 written by Kieron Gillen, he talks about his new Crossed series for Crossed Badlands, and gives it the title Homo Tortor. Because, while Alan Moore is looking at the Crossed and humanity a hundred years into the future, Gillen will be going back, back, back… In the back[...]
What Do You Get For Your Crossed Donations Anyway?
Another Thursday, another new chapter of the Garth Ennis webcomic Crossed: Dead On Arrival. The crowdsource fundraiser has passed its important $10,000 mark which means that the first stages of production on the Garth Ennis written-and-directed Crossed webisodes on can begin. But they are still after more So what can you get for your money? Lets spell it[...]