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Crusader Kings III Reveals New Royal Court Expansion For Console
Paradox Interactive revealed a new addition coming to the console version of Crusader Kings III, as players will soon head to Royal Court If the name didn't already tip you off, the expansion will bring the royal court system to the game, as you will hold a new throne room and a royal court in[...]
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When the going gets tough, you can always embrace a heresy or craft a new religion more in line with your character's priorities. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Crusader Kings III – Next-Gen Announcement Trailer ( Paradox Interactive announced today they will be bringing Crusader Kings 3 over to both Xbox and PlayStation[...]
PDXCON Remixed Reveals Details For Crusader Kings III: Royal Court
During PDXCON Remixed, we found out that Crusader Kings III: Royal Court will be added as the game's first major expansion This expansion will test your might as the king as you will now have to deal with a larger court, more adversaries, and leaving your mark as king with an all-new design The expansion[...]
New Crusader Kings III Developer Diary Explains More Game Aspects
Game developer Paradox Development Studio and publisher Paradox Interactive have created a developer diary for their strategy game set in the Middle Ages, Crusader Kings III In this diary, the developers talk about a fair few topics of discussion, including decisionmaking in the game, how to manage your characters' level of stress, and the audio of[...]