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Um, Spoilers. What the Daily Planet Think About 'Cuck Kent' in Action Comics #1012… Speculator Corner: Today's Marvel Comics Presents #6 – First Appearance of Wolverine's (Spoiler) How Batman: Damned #3 Changes Azzarello and Bermejo's Joker – and Goes Deep on Killing Joke (Spoilers) The New Borderlands 2 DLC Throws More Shade at David Eddings Happening today: Babor celebration at Comics[...]
Dan Jurgens Takes Over Nightwing from Scott Lobdell in April
But it looks like DC has found a replacement, as a leaked-on-4chan solicit for April's Nightwing #59 lists a new writer, Dan Jurgens, alongside current artist Chris Mooneyham on Nightwing #59 Will Jurgens be taking over as a permanent replacement? And will he undo that stupid "Ric Grayson" name change? You can read the full solicit below,[...]
Green Lanterns #52 Cover by Mike Perkins and Hi-Fi
Hi-Fi darkens their own color work to a compliment the shadowed and line-heavy style of Santucci, and it works well. Green Lanterns #52 is another solid showing from Dan Jurgens The story is interesting, the conflict is tense, and the art looks good It's an all-around solid comic and earns a recommendation Check it out. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form[...]
Batman Beyond #22 cover by Viktor Kalvachev
Dan Jurgens shows his expertise in this field tempered by decades of writing, and Conrad and Baron make the book look great This one earns a recommendation Check it out. [rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"] Gotham is falling into chaos The Jokerz are rioting in the street, but they're not alone Normal everyday citizens are also wreaking[...]
Hawkman is Indiana Jones and More from DC's World's Finest Comics Panel [SDCC]
Words and photos courtesy of Bleeding Cool's Mike Sangregorio: Saturday saw the DC World's Finest Panel, moderated by one of the DC All Access hosts and featuring creators Liam Sharpe, Marc Andreyko, Dan Jurgens, Sam Humphries, Robert Venditti, Tom Taylor, Tim Seeley, and Mitch Gerads as panelists. The panel began by congratulating Gerads on his Eisner win the[...]
Green Lanterns #51 cover by Mike Perkins and Wil Quintana
It sells the more serious vibe which Dan Jurgens' writing is pitching Plus, Hi-Fi brings a more dim and grim color palette, which adds to that ominous atmosphere while remaining appealing to the eye. Green Lanterns #51 is an interesting turn for the title I do miss the optimism, one-liners, and fun chemistry of Simon and[...]
Green Lanterns #50 cover by Mike Perkins and Wil Quintana
During all of this, the Green Lantern rings begin to behave strangely. Green Lanterns #50 cover by Mike Perkins and Wil Quintana Green Lanterns #50 is the beginning of a new era for this title as well, with writer Dan Jurgens taking the helm The book makes immediate changes by focusing more upon the Corps than just[...]