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Mindgames – Cerebus #20 In Virtual Foldout

Whatever you think of the man, his views and his politics, Dave Sim is deservedly one of the few comic book geniuses.Rmember that when you see the four page foldout in Superman Unchained #1, Sim was doing this in the seventies.[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUuQMnqBACg[/youtube] Decades before Promethea #32, there was Cerebus #20[...]

Dave Sim Draws Dredd Again

Yes, Judge Dredd, whatis through the portal?Another Judge Dredd cover for IDW from Dave Sim there, from Judge Dredd Year One #2 As well as one cover to Chris Ryall and Drew Moss' new IDW series, Colonize...Yes, Judge Dredd, whatis through the portal?Another Judge Dredd cover for IDW from Dave Sim there, from Judge[...]

BC Mag #2: Comic Book Feuds

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston People understand Hollywood feuds exist, but find it strange similar behaviour might be exhibited in a field as lowly as that of, say, the comic book industry. But people are people, human nature remains, it's just there's less money in comics. Which often makes the behaviour worse, not […]

Cleaning Up Cerebus – Dave Sim Looks At Volume One Again

Dave Sim writes for Bleeding Cool; NOTE ON THE 16TH PRINTING OF CEREBUS VOLUME ONE This printing marks the first time that I've directed fundamental corrections and restorations to be made in the original material since first producing it more than thirty years ago, a choice precipitated by George Gatsis making me aware of flaws which resulted from[...]

Dave Sim's Doctor Who

In his Cerebus Kickstarter updates, Dave Sim talks at length about his revisions of the previously-serialised in Glamorpuss, The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond But he also talked about his other projects. This is my first non-fasting day after finishing this month's four covers (DR.WHO #11 -- which was supposed to be #5 except I made[...]

Will You Fund Dave Sim's Strange Death Of Alex Raymond

Not that Dave Sim is killing him, you understand Otherwise I would now be an accessory to murder.The bit of Glamourpuss that I really liked was the Strange Death of Alex Raymond, Sim using the skills he'd practiced in earlier issues of the series recreating the photorealistic newspaper strip of the mid-twentieth century to look[...]

Would Dave Sim Draw A Cover For My Little Pony?

And then, we found ourselves talking about the success of My Little Pony at IDW and I was able to get a confirmation on the ninety thousand sales number for the first issueWe also discussed the amazing concept of Dave Sim doing the Mars Attacks variant cover And then got to thinking Would Dave Sim[...]

IDW To Publish Cerebus High Society. Dave Sim To Draw Mars Attacks Cover.

For the last few weeks, we've been watching old sparring partners Dave Sim and Fantagraphics circle around the possibility of Fantagraphics publishing Cerebus in a series of hardcover volumes Dave seemed to want to start with Form And Void, aimed at a New York Times-reading audience, Kim Thompson wanted to start with Cerebus or High[...]

IDW To Publish Cerebus Book Of Covers

Dunbier has gone to Kitchener in Ontario to start scanning in all the covers, and any associated bits and pieces.With Cerebus High Society Digital about to launch, as well as the audio version, funded very successfully by Kickstarter, it all seems to be adding towards Dave Sim getting another, possibly final, media blip in his[...]

Dave Sim On Mark Millar

Dave Sim, creator of Cerebus, is running a series of interviews with a number of websites - including Bleeding Cool - answering questions asked by the sites' readers.The first was from Millarworld, where Mike Kitchen asked him if he's consider working with Mark Millar on a creator-owned project Sim seemed to decline even the possibility,[...]

"As Nude As Jaka Gets" – Dave Sim's Kickstarter Rewards Hit The Web

Four backes of the Digital Cerebus Kickstarter project bid $750 for the following; An 8x11 black and white inked full figure original drawing of your favorite Cerebus character, a 30 minute phone conversation with Dave Sim, your choice of 10 back issues of Cerebus from issue 115-299 (Subject to availability - there are no issue 200’s),[...]

Final Hour Of Flaming Carrot Brings Eastman And Sim To The Rescue

Bob Burden’s Kickstarter campaign is ending in about an hour, for a signed and numbered hardcover of Flaming Carrot #4 - #11, The Wild Shall Wild Remain, out of print for many years, as well as including a brand new story, Cryptid.Dave Sim and Kevin Eastman are creating adding their characters for a limited print,[...]

The Current State Of Fire-Ripped Cerebus Digital

George Peter Gatsis writes to Bleeding Cool, regarding the recent news of a fire, which destroyed Cerebus negatives well before the anticipated Cerebus Digital project was completed. Here it is by the numbers : The High Society Project is a total of 25 issues (26 to 50) which is 500 pages total (not including letters […]

Cerebus High Society Negatives Destroyed By Fire

Dave Sim writes to funders of the Cerebus Digital Kickstarter; Dave Sim, here:  Just thought everyone should know:  Fisher came over today and asked if I had heard from Sandeep  No, I hadn't  Hands me today's RECORD  Front page: Sandeep's place -- and the buildings on either side of him -- were gutted by fire yesterday[...]

The TMNT/Cerebus Jam For The Digital Cerebus Kickstarter

By Kevin Eastman and Dave Sim, a print to reward Digital Cerebus backers on Kickstarter...To be signed by the pair Do you regret not backing it now? By Kevin Eastman and Dave Sim, a print to reward Digital Cerebus backers on Kickstarter...To be signed by the pair Do you regret not backing it now?[...]

Come, See Cerebus High Society Digitised…

The Cerebus Art Collection.The site is up and is being developed in the open as per Dave Sim's instructions, wanting tobe as open as possible So we can cut and paste bits like this. As the site states, the pages shown DO NOT represent the final quality of the digital download comic This[...]