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Dead Space Being Launched On Next-Gen Consoles Next January
Electronic Arts had an interesting reveal today as they'll be bringing the classic title Dead Space to both next-gen consoles and PC in January 2023 The company held a special livestream showing that they were doing a full-on remake of the sci-fi survival horror game The idea is to keep it true to the original[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals The Release Window For Dead Space
Electronic Arts held a special livestream this week where they revealed more details for Dead Space, including the release window The livestream, which we have the complete video of below, had the team going over a number of topics and showing off specific parts But not exactly the parts you might expect They started with[...]
A Dead Space writer's next project is about to be revealed this week.
Antony Johnston, best known for writing the story of the original horror classic Dead Space, is about to reveal his latest project this week It will debut during the upcoming PlayStation 5 showcase this week Johnston took to Twitter with the announcement that we should check out the showcase this week. A Dead Space writer's next[...]
Battlefield Hardline Gets Meta As Criminals Play Dead Space In Campaign
Before working on Battlefield Hardline, Visceral Games were known as the developer who brought the world Dead Space It's quite a tonal shift for the company moving franchises, so here's hoping they can pull off the change. So, Dead Space is going to make an appearance in Battlefield Hardline In this video about character design, at[...]
Beast Mode, Via Halo, Titanfall And Dead Space
Inspiration for Beast Mode comes from aspects of the Halo series, Titanfall, the Dead Space series, and on and on. Listen, I know you have little time or patience, but if you pledge to Beast Mode this weekend, you will get a Bleeding Cool exclusive sheet of stickers Beast Mode stickers available only to Bleeding Coolers who pledge THIS[...]