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Deadstream Review: Imperfect Yet Absurdly Fun Horror-Comedy
Shudder's found footage horror-comedy, Deadstream, brings together the fun of a haunted house film and the terror of self-obsessed influencers While not a perfect movie, this haunted journey brings out the best absurd parts of the spooky season The film is produced by Joseph and Vanessa Winter, alongside cinematographer Jared Cook and actress Melanie Stone, who[...]
Shudder In August: Random Acts Of Violence, Ring, Jawbreaker, More
Shudder bolstered its 2022 output today, announcing that they have acquired the rights to SXSW Midnight film Deadstream The film will have its premiere at the festival tomorrow night, and the deal was made this afternoon Wife and husband duo Vanessa & Joseph Winter directed the film "Deadstream was a true collaboration from our small[...]
Two New Villains Debut In Superman #29 - Projectress And
But for those of you who like to keep an eye on such, we have two new villains for Superman's rogue gallery – if they even get to him. Two New Villains Debut In Superman #29 – Projectress And Deadstream Projectress and Deadstream, working together, as villainous deceitful seducers I am guessing that informed consent is not[...]