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Pokémon GO Enigma Week Review: Better than Dragon Week>
Enigma Week, the second act of the three-part Ultra Unlock event in Pokémon GO, is ending tomorrow The final phase of Ultra Unlock will begin with Friday's rollout of Unova Week, but for now, we at Bleeding Cool take a look back at Enigma Week for a comprehensive review of what worked, what didn't work,[...]
Togetic Raid Guide: How To Counter Pokémon GO's PVP MVP
While Togepi is currently (upsettingly) absent from Eggs in Pokémon GO, its evolution Togetic is currently available in Tier Four raids during Ultra Unlock: Enigma Week Tier Four raids are for Pokémon that cannot be taken down by a solo trainer but aren't of Legendary or Mythical status like the current Tier Five boss Deoxys[...]
Deoxys Raid Hour: Last Chance to Catch Shiny Deoxys in Pokémon GO
Deoxys is currently the Tier Five raid boss in Pokémon GO for the Ultra Unlock: Enigma Week event Because this Mythical Pokémon is leaving on Friday as the game switches bosses for Unova Week, that means that tonight at 6PM local time is the one and only Deoxys Raid Hour[...]
Bronzong Raid Guide: How To Counter Pokémon GO's Dalek Lookalike
Metagross is a popular right now in Pokémon GO as a part of Ultra Unlock Week Two: Enigma Week, but it isn't the only dual Psychic and Steel-type Pokémon in Tier Four raids… there's also Bronzong, essentially the game's version of a Dalek… though not… you know, murderously evil[...]
Metagross Raid Guide: How To Counter the Steel Monster in Pokémon GO
While Psychic-types are currently ruling raids in Pokémon GO as a part of Ultra Unlock Week Two: Enigma Week, there is one dual-typed Pokémon that trainers might want to prepare for in Tier Four raids… Metagross, the best Steel-type attacker in the game Tier Four raids are for Pokémon that cannot be taken down by[...]
Unown Raids Are in Pokémon GO, But is Shiny Unown Worth Hunting?
Unown raids are currently happening in Enigma Week, giving Pokémon GO trainers the chance at getting one of the rarest catches in the game: Shiny Unown But at the rate that Unown raids are hatching, is the Shiny Unown worth hunting, or is this elusive Pokémon just a pipe dream? Unown Raids are in Pokémon GO,[...]
Complete Guide to Ultra Unlock: Enigma Week in Pokémon GO
Enigma Week, the second week of the three-week-long Ultra Unlock event in Pokémon GO, kicked off this Friday by introducing Deoxys back into raids with its Shiny forms available as well as rolling out Elgyem into the wild In addition to this, a series of bonuses, special Eggs, and Field Research has been introduced into[...]
Psychic Overload: Full Raid Rotation for Dragon Week in Pokémon GO
Pokémon GO Ultra Unlock: Enigma Weeks brings with it the release of Shiny Staryu and Shiny Deoxys, but that's not all For the first time ever, the event-exclusive Pokémon Unown is in raids… and it has a Shiny chance Bleeding Cool is here to report on the full Raid Rotation for Enigma Week as the[...]
Deoxys Raid Guide: How To Catch A Shiny Deoxys In Pokémon GO
GO Fest 2020 has unlocked Enigma Week as the second part of the three-week Ultra Unlock event, and the official Legendary (kind) Raid Boss starting Friday at 4 PM Pacific is Mythical Pokémon… Deoxys, appearing in its Normal forme This is the Shiny release for Deoxys, which was previously only in normal, non-EX raids for[...]
Shiny Staryu Arrives in Pokémon GO for Ultra Unlock: Enigma Week
Enigma Week, the second part of the huge Ultra Unlock event, just began in Pokémon GO The previous installment, Dragon Week, was plagued with complaints on social media about the release of Shiny Deino… which was seemingly nowhere to be found in the game Now, Niantic has released Shiny Staryu for Enigma Week, but will this[...]
Elgyem Enters Pokémon GO Today for Ultra Unlock: Enigma Week
Elgyem, a Psychic-type Pokémon from the Unova region, will debut at 1PM Pacific today with the Ultra Unlock: Enigma Week event Here's everything you need to know about Elgyem and its evolution, Beheeyem. Elgyem debuts in Pokémon GO for Enigma Week Credit: Niantic Elgyem is an extraterrestrial Pokémon from Generation Five, with Pokédex entries in the main[...]