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Buddy Simulator 1984 Is Coming To Xbox & PlayStation
Indie developer Not A Sailor Studio and publisher Feardemic have revealed that Buddy Simulator 1984 is coming to PlayStation and Xbox next week After having successful launches on PC and Nintendo Switch, the final two consoles on the list for the game to drop on will be happening on April 6th We got a new[...]
Papetura Releases New Trailer Showing Off Paper Magic
Feardemic confirmed this week that the game Papetura would be released this year on Nintendo Switch, but we won't see it until December Developed by Petums and originally released for PC back in mid-2021, this is one of the fancier games you'll see when it comes to art design, as everything in this game was[...]
Auto Draft
Developers Ashkandi and Truthkey, along with indie publisher Feardemic, confirmed Remorse: The List will be coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch next week The game has been out for almost a year on PC, giving players a chance to experience a more psychological kind of survival horror title Players have to figure out what is[...]
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Feardemic has released a brand new behind-the-scenes video series for their 2022 horror title, Remorse: The List This is probably one of the stranger video reveals we've seen in a minute, simply for the fact that the game is already out And we're not talking about Early Access; it was released back in April 2022[...]
Papetura Releases New Trailer Showing Off Paper Magic
Feardemic dropped a brand new trailer for Papetura this week as they showed off the magic behind the creation of this particular game The game already came out this week for the Nintendo Switch as players got to start checking it out on December 1st, but the team decided to show off the work that[...]
Bloody Hell Hotel Announced For PC Sometime In 2023
Indie developer Unfold Games and publisher Feardemic have revealed their next title as you're getting a spooky management game in Bloody Hell Hotel The game primarily revolves around you taking a haunted mansion and turning it into a successful hotel, all while running different aspects of the place for the guests who may or may[...]
Feardemic Reveals New Turn-Based Strategy Title Terror: Endless Night
Feardemic has a brand new turn-based strategy game on the way developed by Unseen Silence called Terror: Endless Night The game will have you leading a team to find out what happened to the crew of an HMS ship frozen in the icy waters, and why no one seemed to try to escape or send[...]
One Shell Straight To Hell Announced For Release On Steam
Called One Shell Straight To Hell, its story follows the exploits of the exorcist called Padre Alexander and his mission to purge his world of the ultimate evil… By any means necessary. The key art for One Shell Straight To Hell, by Feardemic and Shotgun With Glitters. In One Shell Straight To Hell, you play as "The Padre,"[...]
"Ritual: Crown of Horns" Receives A Proper Launch Trailer
Feardemic and Draw Distance have released a proper launch trailer for their latest indie release Ritual: Crown of Horns The game was released back on Thursday for both Steam and the Nintendo Switch as you find yourself in the bloody wild west You get to play as Daniel Goodchild, an ex-bounty hunter who gets resurrected[...]
Getting a Quick Preview of The Padre During PAX West
Feardemic brought a brand new game with them to PAX West, but we only got to watch it as we saw the preview of The Padre The short version of the game is that you're a priest in this horror-adventure game who is seeking out evil and vanquishing it in the most badass pixilated ways[...]
Inventive Horror Game 'Perception' Gets A Mysterious Launch Trailer
credit//Feardemic Feardemic and The Deep End Games have sneakily launched Perception on PC today through Steam and GOG Keeping things quiet is key in any horror game, but especially in Perception, given the game's Daredevil-like protagonist. In the game, players take on the role of Cassie, a blind woman able to sense the world around her via echolocation, who is[...]
The Blind Leading The Not-So-Terrified: We Review 'Perception'
So we were stoked to get a copy of the game before it's released this Tuesday from Feardemic and The Deep End Games. credit//Feardemic Perception is a first-person horror game puts you in the position of a blind woman named Cassie Over the years, Cassie learned to find her way around this earth using echolocation and is[...]