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Recent new DC Comics character Flatline, a potential girlfriend of Damian Wayne, was born with the power to absorb the skills of the dead and became the protege of the resurrection con artist Lord Death Man in a hastily rewritten continuity But it seems the falling Lazarus juices of Lazarus Planet may have an overactive[...]
Secrets About Kid Kawaii, XXL, Flatline And More Confirmed (Spoilers)
Razorline is an occultist with powers from the Book Of Pain, stolen from the secret city of Shambhala Flatline's grandfather was a super-powered Russian serial killer and assassin with the power to learn from those who killed A little like Chu from Chew… without the cannibalism. The Drenched was an Atlantis scientific experiment, a genetic mix of[...]
An Origin For DC Comics' Flatline In This Week's Robin #3 (Spoilers)
Flatline, the teenage sidekick of minor Batman villain Lord Death Man, is a martial artist so skilled that she could rip a person's heart out with her bare hands Created by Josh Williamson and Gleb Melnikov, she first appeared in Detective Comics #1034 in March this year Relatively new to her partnership with the regenerative-powered[...]
A scene from Robin #2
But Damian will have other concerns come Robin #7, because romance is in the air. A scene from Robin #2 In September's Robin #6, Damian faces off against both Ravager and Flatline together in the first round of the tournament That will be a tough fight, considering Flatline ripped out Damian's heart in their first battle. ROBIN #6 Writer[...]
Meet The New Assassins Of Robin #2 (Spoilers)
But who else is he up against? We have met Respawn and Flatline but there are a couple more to throw into the mix. Robin #2 Black Swan, nothing to do with the movie, the Deadpool character created by Gail Simone and Udon or the Avengers character created by Jonathan Hickman and Stepoe Epting Honest And the[...]
First Look At Lazarus Island In Robin #1 - But Not Mother Soul Yet
So Clarke Bull at DC Comics is sending out the following preview to help goose those ordering numbers from comic book retailers. Now that Damian Wayne has severed his ties to both Batman and the Teen Titans, he'll be emerging from under their shadows to forge his own path, courtesy of writer Joshua Williamson (The Flash,[...]
Respawn To Appear In Robin #1 - Kid Deathstroke?
Art by Gleb Melnikov! Robin #1 is Respawn's first appearance! Pre-order this week!" Of course, he also said that Flatline's first appearance would also be in Robin and we saw how that happened with Detective Comics Respawn isn't the only Kid Deathstroke on Lazarus Island of course, in combat against each other, seemingly with the theme[...]
New Robin Character Flatline Had A Cameo In Detective Comics #1034
Flatline is a new character being introduced to the DC Universe by Joshua Williamson and  Gleb Melnikov in their new Robin series starring Damian Wayne. James Tynion IV confirmed as much in his newsletter, promising an eventual Punchline Vs Flatline and saying "And we got the first glimpse of the new character, Flatline, who will be[...]
James Tynion IV Promises Punchline Vs Flatline In Batman Comics
Flatline is a new character being introduced to the DC Universe by Joshua Williamson and warrior against boring headshots Gleb Melnikov in their new Robin series starring Damian Wayne. In his most recent Empire Of The Tiny Onion newsletter, Batman writer James Tynion IV has expressed his excitement at the creation of the character, what it[...]
Saving Patients As Best We Can In The Future With 'Flatline'
Which made getting my friends together to play Flatline by Renegade Games the perfect fit for a review (Special thanks to Doug, Sara, Allison, Josie, and Mike for their help in this review as we played it at The Watchtower Cafe in Salt Lake City.) Flatline is a cooperative dice game that puts you and your friends[...]
Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Flatline
Time for plenty of cross-media references this week. 1. Doctor... Or Ambassador? The Ambassadors (1533)  by Hans Holbein the Younger hangs in the National