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GalactUs Comes To Fortnite World As Part Of Thor Storyline
Which sees Galactus on his question to satisfy his hunger and prepare to battle The Black Winter, with Thor as his cosmic Herald And, as part of his journey, planning to visit the world of Fornite. Marvel Makes Fortnite Galactus Comic Part of Thor #4 Continuity Marvel Makes Fortnite Galactus Comic Part of Thor #4 Continuity To be[...]
Silver Surfer Enters The Cosmos with Sideshow Collectibles
With rumors of Galactus and Silver Surfer into the MCU, this would not be a bad statue to pick up The metallic shine really stands out and from the dynamic background so definitely be one piece that marvel comics fans will not want to miss Silver Surfer Maquette from Sideshow Collectibles will be released between[...]
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Marvel Comics has given retailers a challenge for their customers, regarding Thor #4, the issue that saw the god of Thunder get to work as the Herald of Galactus and ahead of meeting The Black Winter. The first scene saw Thor take Galactus' power to become the Herald of Galactus in his full cosmic totality. Before going[...]
How Thor #4 Rewrites The Marvel History Of Galactus – Again
The Black Winter, as introduced by Donny Cates to the Marvel Universe,  is a multiversal cosmic entity that fulfils a similar purpose in the Marvel Universe to Galactus on a far larger scale – rather than simply devouring planets, it consumes entire universes The Black Winter devoured the sixth iteration of the cosmos, leaving only[...]
Fantastic Four Mondo Collection Goes On Sale This Morning
Mondo is offering four new art prints on their new site The Drop today, two featuring Galactus and the other featuring Silver Surfer The Galactus one is by Killian Eng and will have two versions- a color version numbered to 225 and a black and white version numbered to 100 The Silver Surfer is by[...]
REVIEW: Thor #3 -- "Ambitious, Sure, But Not Really Plausible"
(Marvel Comics, creative team: Donny Cates, Nic Klein, Matt Wilson, Joe Sabino) In short, the all-father of thunder has made a deal with the devil, taking on the power cosmic and temping as a Herald of Galactus If that gets you adding things up in your head it should: Odin's power plus the equivalent of the[...]
The Fantastic Four Go Cosmic as Galactus Approaches [Review]
In Part 2 of this review segment will be looking at Silver Surfer, Galactus, and Super Skrull All of these characters are commons and can be found in store now. There are 14 Funko Pop Fantastic Four figures that have been released Three are retailer exclusives and one is a specialty series that can be found[...]
Messing With Dormammu in Doctor Strange #15 (Preview)
The fate of the entire multiverse is on the line in this preview of Doctor Strange #15, as the Dread Dormammu attempts to harness the powers of Galactus to eat not just one world, but all the worlds! And make no mistake, the titular Doctor recognizes the severity of the situation… With the power of Galactus,[...]
Nightmare is a Climate Change Denier in Doctor Strange #14 (Preview)
Galactus, the world devourer, is trapped there, which means he can't rely on his usual scientific methods to drain the energy out of planets Doctor Strange and Clea are doing their best to locate worlds which Galactus can eat without killing their inhabitants… but the situation is getting dire Galactus is really hungry. But amongst some[...]
A Serious Violation of Library Protocols in Next Week's Doctor Strange #12
For example, there appear to be no limits on the number of books one can check out at once… Yeah, Zoloz, didn't you read the terms of your library card? Apparently not, as Zoloz plans to use everything in Doctor Strange's mystic library at once, weaponizing it… How rude! What about the other patrons? And using it[...]
Doctor Strange Puts on His Galactus Hat in April
In March's Doctor Strange #12, the titular doc will become the herald of Galactus In April's Doctor Strange #13…he might become Galactus himself? That's what we call a promotion! Marvel teased the issue, which will be solicited soon, on their website: Last month, teased the new role of Doctor Stephen Strange as the Herald of Galactus[...]
Doctor Doom Takes on Galactus in Esad Ribic's Fantastic Four #7 Cover
Marvel has revealed Esad Ribic's cover to February's Fantastic Four #7, in which Doctor Doom takes on Galactus, and in a rare twist for modern Marvel Comics, the cover actually reflects what's going on in the interior pages! A press release touts the epic battle to come: One is an unstoppable cosmic force of nature The[...]
Galactus Returns and He Wants Revenge on Jean Grey in X-Men Blue's Penultimate Preview
A preview of X-Men #35 sees time-displaced teenage Jean Grey reunited (and it feels so good) with resurrected adult Jean Grey, reminiscing about that time they face Galactus in Generations: Phoenix and Jean Grey, as Jean Greys do. And what a coincidence… in this same issue, but in the apocalyptic future of Extermination, Galactus returns, and,[...]