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Analysts are claiming that Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 is the most profitable entertainment property ever. Grand Theft Auto 5 is unlike anything else out there If you keep up with charts for video games, you will know, even four and half years since it's launch, it still floats around the top of charts week in and[...]
Tax Rebate Season has Come to Grand Theft Auto Online
Then come back after February 27th to claim your GTA$ stimulus bonus and GTA$ rebate. All GTA$250,000 stimulus bonuses and GTA$ rebates will arrive in your Maze Bank account between February 27th and March 6th. While $250,000 isn't exactly a fortune in GTA Online where everything costs a literal arm and a leg, but the refund is still nothing[...]
Grand Theft Auto V Sells 5 Million Physical Copies In The UK Alone
Grand Theft Auto 5 being really popular shouldn't shock anyone But this is really a huge success that will shape the landscape of all of games for years. If any game sells 5 million copies over its life time, in most cases you can call that a win A lot of games sell a lot[...]