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Grease Returning to AMC Theatres Paying Tribute to Olivia Newton-John
AMC Theatres announced they'll be playing the 1978 Paramount musical Grease at its 124 theaters over the weekend as a tribute to late star Olivia Newton-John, who passed at the age of 73 on August 8th after a long battle with cancer The cost for admission is $5, with $1 of every ticket sold going[...]
Grease: Paramount+ Orders Rise of the Pink Ladies Prequel Series
While 1978's Grease remains a cinematic classic as those can claim as the original High School Musical, it's largely thanks to stars original stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as star-crossed lovers from different worlds. From the maligned 1982 sequel starring Michelle Pfeiffer to the 2016 TV movie with Julianne Hough in Grease Live!, the[...]
CBS All Access is changing its name this March. (Image: ViacomCBS)
The series will be produced by Creature Films and MTV Studios. "The Real Criminal Minds": A true-crime docuseries based on the hit CBS Television series, and produced by XG Productions in association with CBS Television Studios and ABC Signature. "The Game": The service is also developing a revival of The Game as part of BET's programming on[...]
Grease series moves to Paramount+ (Image: Paramount)
Looks like the previously-announced HBO Max series Grease: Rydell High will be telling us more, telling us more at a new streaming home and with a new title (see what can happen over a summer?) ViacomCBS' streaming platform Paramount+ (previously CBS All Access) announced on Wednesday that it has acquired the rights to the prequel[...]
Netflix Debuts Poster For Enola Holmes, Trailer Soon
Netflix is adding a ton of big-name originals in September, including Enola Holmes, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, The Devil All The Time, and films like Back To The Future 1, 2, and 3, The Muppets, Grease, Magic Mike, and Pineapple Express On the TV side, Ratched makes its debut, while Chef's Table continues chugging along,[...]
CANNES, FRANCE - MAY 15: John Travolta and Kelly Preston attend the photo-call of the movie 'Gotti' during the 71st Cannes Film Festival on May 15, 2018 in Cannes, France. (Andrea Raffin /
She said she had a premonition she would marry the Grease star when she was 16 after seeing the poster for the film. View this post on Instagram. View this post on Instagram. Kelly Preston, best known for her supporting work in Jerry Maguire (1998), From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), Mischief (1985), and Twins (1988), died at[...]
That 'Grease' Prequel News is Proof that the End Times are Here
There's a prequel to Grease in the works, further evidence that the Hadron Particle Collider actually fractured the multiverse It's that whole Berenstein/Berenstean thing all over again, except this time somebody decided that Grease, one of the most horrendous piles of offal to ever dribble out of a projector, was worthy of a prequel. Grease, for[...]