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Looking to dress up as Harley Quinn for Galentine's Day?
Now with Birds of Prey in theaters, her costumes have upped the antics, and even her fellow heroes look just as impressive! Photos courtesy of Hot Topic Her Universe DC Comics Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Caution Tape Cosplay Jacket $89.90 This jacket will be one of the hottest cosplay items to come from the movie — and I[...]
Here are the Her Universe SDCC 2019 Fashion Show Winners
Every year, Her Universe runs a fashion show, where aspiring designers create and model original designs based on the favorite shows, movies, games, and comics. This year's host was, as always, Her Universe's Ashley Eckstein who was joined by previous winners Cynthia Kirkland, Jane Burson, and Kristi Siedow-Thompson All four women served as the judges for this year's[...]
Her Universe, Hot Topic Release New 'Captain Marvel' Inspired Line
Her Universe and Hot Topic have partnered once again to create and release a new line of fashion items (jackets, shirts, dresses, accessories) that are allllllll gonna help you go higher, further and faster because they're Captain Marvel inspired. The line just dropped this morning, and you can browse the items on both Her Universe's website and[...]
Ashley Eckstein Shares Her Universe of Advice at SDCC 2018
As the founder of Her Universe, the voice of Ahsoka Tano in the newly revived The Clone Wars, MC of the Her Universe Fashion Show, and author of a brand-new book of advice based around Disney characters, Ashley's SDCC 2018 schedule has more panels than Ballroom 20. Early Saturday morning, in one of the first panels[...]
New Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker Surprises 'Her Universe' Fashion Show at SDCC
I blame Beyonce. Well, at the geek fashion brand Her Universe fashion show at San Diego Comic-Con this evening, forty minutes into the show, the audience was told that there was 'one more model who didn't get to present in the opening segment So we wanted to give her a chance to walk the catwalk'. And in she came,[...]
her universe disney princess collection
We've talked a lot about the Her Universe line of Disney Princess-inspired garments coming from winners of 2017's San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) fashion show competition, and at long last, the collection has launched! Designed by winners Grace DuVal, Lindsay Orndorff, and Rose Ivy, the princess pieces were designed specially for Hot Topic and Her Universe. There's something[...]
Her Universe Disney Princess Collection Launches July 17th, During SDCC
Her Universe continues to help create fashion for everyone through fandom, and the anticipated collection from the winners of 2017's Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) finally has a release date. Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein with 2017's Fashion Show winners Grace Duval, Rose Ivy, and Lindsay Orndorff We have it on good authority (one[...]
incredibles 2 hot topic workout gear
Incredibles 2 is due out in theaters on June 15th, and I cannot wait to see my favorite super family on the big screen again! To get into the super spirit, Her Universe has released a line of Incredibles workout gear — and wow do I need the whole collection You can feel like a[...]
Her Universe Launches 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Fashion Line, Includes Menswear
Fashion brand Her Universe is doing something they haven't tackled yet: menswear Included in their next fandom line (it's Solo: A Star Wars Story), are some pieces made for men That's not to say that previous items from the brand haven't been unisex, but this is the first time they're marketing items for men. The official press[...]
Her Universe fashion show
The Her Universe Fashion Show is returning to San Diego Comic-Con in 2018, and as of today, the submissions window is open for hopeful designers. Her Universe founder and CEO Ashley Eckstein (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) began her fashion show at SDCC 2014, aiming to bring geek chic to the world of couture fashion (They were[...]
Haunted Mansion Dress
The famous Disney ride is legendary, and no matter what park you're in, everyone can enjoy the happy haunts! Earlier this year, Disney/Her Universe unveiled their newest dress collection The dresses are inspired from various aspects of Disney From princesses, to mice, to even rides, there's something for everyone. Truth to be told, I was not[...]