American Gods: Ricky Whittle Plays a Few Rounds of Marvels God or Not [VIDEO]

'American Gods': Ricky Whittle Plays a Few Rounds of Marvel's "God or Not" [VIDEO]

When he's not rolling around the highways and byways of America with "All-Father" Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) on STARZ's series adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods, Shadow Moon's Ricky Whittle appears to be sporting some serious geek cred. Where's our proof? This weekend's edition of Marvel's Earth's Mightest Show, where Whittle sat down with host […]

American Gods Season 2 Preview:  A Guide to Your Gods Old and New [VIDEOS]

'American Gods' Season 2 Preview: A Guide to Your Gods, Old and New [VIDEOS]

Ibis (Barnes) believes in the truth - but whose truth?https://youtu.be/G84ACh01iEsNew gods? Old Gods? The future is yours.. just have to believe in one god: Technical Boy (Langley):https://youtu.be/QnkvA151H68If Laura Moon (Browning) isn't letting Death stop her, do you think she's going to let Wednesday?https://youtu.be/31eNLbeakAwMad Sweeney’s (Schreiber) owed a battle..[...]

American Gods Cast Talks Season 2 New Gods and Critical Cats [Dragon Con 2018]

'American Gods' Cast Talks Season 2, New Gods, and Critical Cats [Dragon Con 2018]

Ibis) took to the stage at Dragon Con 2018 on Friday to talk anything and everything having to do with Starz‘s adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s popular novel -- with some serious second-season spoiler security in play.Bleeding Cool's very own Mary Anne Butler was covering the panel, and here are some of her takeaways:● When asked if there[...]