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Dark Crisis Adds Super Swamp Thing, Ram V, Mark Waid & Alex Paknadel
Joshua Williamson, Daniel Sampere, Jeremy Adams, Meghan Fitzmartin, Tom King and Ram V were joined by moderator and DC executive editor Ben Abernathy to discuss what's happened in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths up until now and things to come. Writer Ram V announced that he—alongside Joshua Williamson, and two of Ram's White Noise studio mates[...]
Flash #776 Is The Comic That Tells You What To Do
But where's the fun in that? Just… just blow, okay? FLASH #776 CVR A BRANDON PETERSON (W) Jeremy Adams (A) Fernando Pasarin (CA) Brandon Peterson Doctor Fate arrives to whisk the Flash away to the IN-BETWEEN, a two-dimensional causeway filled with demonic forces Now it's up to YOU, the reader, to help the Scarlet Speedster make his way[...]
Mortal Kombat Legend's Joel McHale Compares Cage to Winger & More
Courtesy of WB Home Entertainment You mentioned the script by Jeremy Adams The story has a lot of time to breathe, and it is more than just action and death There are some relationships at the center of the story Can you talk about your romance with Sonja Blade (Jennifer Carpenter)?  JM: This is why I like[...]
Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms virtual CC@Home panel
Mitchell (Mortal Kombat 11, Call of Duty franchise) as Raiden, Kintaro & Sektor; screenwriter Jeremy Adams (Supernatural, Justice Society: World War II) as well as producer Rick Morales (Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, Batman vs Two-Face); and game co-creator Ed Boon (NetherRealm Studios), who serves the films as the Creative Consultant. Joshua teed off the[...]