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the walking dead
While Jeffrey Dean Morgan clued us in on it a few days, Cailey Fleming (Judith) made it official with an impromptu reunion with Cooper Andrews (Jerry) signaling that production on the 24-episode 11th and final season is officially underway. Image: AMC Here's a look at Fleming's post, followed by a confirmation from Skybound's TWD account:   View this post[...]
A look at Snowball from Rick and Morty (Image: Adult Swim)
Taking to Instagram, Roiland revealed that his dog Jerry has recovered from his radiation treatment for cancer In August, Roiland revealed that his best friend for 13 years as well as the inspiration for Beth's husband's name, Snowball/Snuffles, and more, was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his nose- vowing "to do whatever I can[...]
Rick and Morty and Adult Swim are kicking off the "12 Days of Rickmas" starting December 1 (Image: Adult Swim)
(hopefully, Jerry remembers the alien's in the car in your version) as you're riding it, or hang it from the ceiling for display Check out how it looks in closer detail with the images below- then make sure to get your name in the mix with the link above- and for the rules, fine print,[...]
Inside the Episode: Promortyus | Rick and Morty | adult swim
Or as we like to call it, "the episode that reminded us that Rick, Morty, Summer, Beth, and Jerry might just be the most destructive force in any dimension." Inside the Episode: Promortyus | Rick and Morty | adult swim So to check out how massive, animated destruction on a planetary level made the leap from storyboard[...]