Rick and Morty: Our Random Yet Possible Top 5 Evil Morty Conspiracies

Rick and Morty fans know that a certain villain has been scheming in the background since the first season- and no, I'm not talking about the sundry of intergalactic weirdos who have it out for Rick – I'm talking about none other than Evil Morty, of course. Where exactly did this evil dimensional doppelgänger come from and why does he hate our dynamic grandfather/grandson duo so much? We've got the answers right here! Okay, so we have theories – but they are some pretty good ones that make sense and remain credible until Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland tell me otherwise.

A look at some Rick and Morty "Evil Morty" theories (Image: Adult Swim)
A look at some Rick and Morty "Evil Morty" theories (Image: Adult Swim)

Theory 1: Evil Morty is actually our Rick's Morty.

This theory is widely regarded as true, mostly because it makes the most sense and has yet to be denied or disproven. Supposedly, Evil Morty is our Rick's original Morty and the one we've been following and thinking is Morty C-137 is actually a replacement Morty. Evil Morty was abandoned/screwed over by Rick and now is out for revenge.

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A look at some Rick and Morty "Evil Morty" theories (Image: Adult Swim)

Theory 2: The answer to Evil Morty is in Rick's pics.

Okay, so this one's a little weak, but in season 1, Rick shows up after being gone from his family for the past 20 years. As Morty is only 14…how would there be multiple pictures of him with baby Morty? Rick got a replacement Morty when he abandoned the one who became Evil Morty and got a chance to raise him, probably in a reality where time moves faster or something.

Theory 3: The season 4 opening sequence shows Evil Morty's origin.

You know that clip at the very beginning where our dimension-hopping duo are running from monsters and Morty trips, causing Rick to portal out and leave him for dead? It's been widely speculated that Morty survives that and lets his hate for Rick C-137 fester, causing him to turn into Evil Morty.

Theory 4: Rick's "arch-nemesis" Mr. Nimbus is brought to you in part by Evil Morty.

Okay, so this one is a bit of a stretch, but in the animatic they released at Adult Swim Con, we find out that Rick has a nemesis who lives in the Ocean. I'm speculating that this happened when they left the Citadel to go to Atlantis in "The Ricklantis Mixup" (aka "Tales from the Citadel"). In the post-credits scene, Rick and Morty get back from their Atlantis adventure, positive that whatever mess went down at the Citadel will never come up again and have no bearing on their lives. Show of hands: Who believes that? Nobody? Good.

EG - Top 5 Evil Morty Conspiracies
A look at some Rick and Morty "Evil Morty" theories (Image: Adult Swim)

Theory 5: Evil Morty is the mastermind behind a lot more than Evil Rick.

It makes perfect sense – so much so that it's not really a theory so much as an observation, but bear with me. Evil Morty was revealed to be the mastermind behind Evil Rick, so it makes sense that he would be behind a lot more than just that one enemy. What if Evil Morty is to blame for basically all of the people who hate Rick? I know he's not the most lovable dude, but I'm sure at least some of his enemies are a result of egging on from a pissed off Evil Morty.

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