A Comic Show – Where Are Jeff Lemire's Haters?

I highly recommend it! JMS' Sidekick was a classic innocence lost tale with a twist ending that sustained my curiosity Robocop was great not just for the old school Frank Miller script, but damn that was some good art! And SAGA had its first t-shirt.Hickman gave us the final prelude before next week's insane INFINITY[...]

Cemetery Cats From Joe Michael Straczynski From Joe's Comics

It's a story of love and devotion that continues beyond the grave, to something deeply profound, beautiful and eternal." Cemetery Cats has been trademarked by Studio JMS Corporation California...From Ten Grand... "CEMETERY CATS, the first illustrated fantasy novel from Joe's Comics, tells the story of Kristabel, a cat whose fourteen-year-old mistress has passed away[...]

First Review: Sidekick #1 By JMS And Tom Mandrake

There, next to quadratic equations and early clumsy fumblings are the words above.Sidekick is a new comic book by JMS and Tom Mandrake out next week about a second string, Flyboy, who has lost the first string This is a Robin whose Batman has died, and he's not coping.This kind of territory was most successfully[...]

A Logo Alone

Straight from Bill Sienkiewicz, the logo to Alone, his new series for Image with Joe Michael Straczynski. Two surnames with a lot of less-used consonants between them!

Ed Brubaker, JMS And So, So Many More To Launch New Titles At Image Expo

The Image Expo takes place on July 2nd and they have released their schedule of events,At 2.15pm, Ed Brubaker talks about moving to creator owned comics "Join him as he talks about that decision and what’s next for him at Image".So that's a new book from Brubaker to accompany Fatale.At 5pm, JMS will be talking[...]

Image Comics To Make Things Black And White At Expo

This year's Image Expo is on July 2nd in San Francisco. There will be five black-and-white variant cover exclusives for the show including a Sidekick ashcan. Okay, Stalleite Sam isn;t black and white, but the logo is. And there will be Image creators to sign them. There will be a keynote speech by Eric Stephenson. […]

Orbiting Around The Movement

[audio:] Chris Thompson writes; Welcome to Episode 111 of The Orbiting Pod! This week, we go on the pull with Transformers Spotlight: Hoist #1, lose the flak jackets for Suicide Risk #1, get mobbed up with The Movement #1, pay our dues with Ten Grand #1, go on patrol with The Activity # 12, head […]

A Comic Show – We'll Have To Wait Until 2099 To Get Peter Back!

And Superior Spider-man leaves us without and this era...Bedlam and Great Pacific volume one's are out, value priced and with dollar first issues that I'll give my people free! Image makes it so easy to try something new! Ten Grand by JMS and Templesmith was creepy cool Yes it felt like Hellblazer minus London[...]

Constantine Done Right? Ten Grand #1 by JMS and Ben Templesmith Reviewed

The narration fits right in though....In terms of JMS' previous' work, this mines some similar territories as Midnight Nation, but a less glamourised, a more down to earth and jobsworth take on it all But it's not Constantine, it's not Wormwood, it's not Richard Fell, it's Joe And that works fine.Ten Grand #1 by JMS[...]

Wachowskis Team With J. Michael Straczynski For Netflix Series Sense8

Michael Straczynski and his Studios JMS for a 10-episode science fiction series called Sense8.JMS is quite a busy fellow these days. The Wachowskis’ new sci-fi drama project Sense8 has landed atNetflix with a 10-episode order for a debut on Netflix Instant in late 2014.“We’re excited to work with Netflix and Georgeville Television on this project, and we’ve wanted to[...]

It's Possible That JMS May Not Be Writing For Dynamite Any Time Soon

From the sparsely-attended but big-name-filled Dynamite panel at ECCC last night, with the likes of Chris Roberson and Mark Waid amongst Matt Wagner, Ron Marz and more.  Roberson was credited with scripting over Joe Michael Straczynski's plots on the Superman Grounded arc, though has stated that he wrote the whole issues, but had to give[...]

BC Mag #2: Comic Book Feuds

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Rich Johnston People understand Hollywood feuds exist, but find it strange similar behaviour might be exhibited in a field as lowly as that of, say, the comic book industry. But people are people, human nature remains, it's just there's less money in comics. Which often makes the behaviour worse, not […]

The Insult That Man A Man Out Of Moloch

Before Watchmen: Moloch #1 is out today from Joe Michael Straczynski and Eduardo Risso, telling the story of Watchmen's Moloch, from child freak to magician to mobster. But it reminded me of something else… remember this?   Well, it's not too far from what happened to Moloch. We start with an insult, though in this […]

J. Michael Straczynski Will Script Valiant's Shadowman Film

SDCC brought us a deluge of JMS announcements this summer, but the comics, tv and film writer isn't stopping there Now he's writing the Shadowman film for Valiant Entertainment and producer Sean Daniel.Deadline has the word: Valiant Entertainment and The Mummy producer Sean Daniel are teaming up to turn the Valiant Comic Shadowman into a live action[...]

A Stuttering Start To Joe's Comics

Technical difficulties bring a little levity to the room as JMS battles a faulty projector and bumbling technical staff to announce the formation of Studio JMS, his self-branded home for Straczinsky-branded comics, films and more. The most amusing is heralded by a cadre of Riverdancing zombies and zombettes They are promoting “Living Dead: The Musical”[...]