june 2018

Robyn Hood, Belle, and Peek a Boo Reach Their Finales: Zenescope June 2018 Solicits

Miniseries Robyn Hood: The Curse, Belle: Beast Hunter, and Peek a Boo reach their respective finales this June. This is in addition to their series such as Grimm Fairy Tales, Musketeers, and GFT: Tales of Terror. Full details below. APR181883 GRIMM FAIRY TALES #19 (W) Joe Brusha (CA) Geebo Vigonte Skye takes on the Red Knight, but there is someone pulling his […]

Joe Books June 2018 Solicits

Disney One-Shot Extravaganza: Joe Books June 2018 Solicits

Joe Books has one-shot comics for Mulan, Elena of Avalor, Incredibles 2, and Coco coming out this June. Plus, Riftworld: Legends and the Disney Princess series continue on. Incredibles and Wall-E are receiving graphic novel retellings. Details below. APR181611 DISNEY ELENA AVALOR PRINCE TOO CHARMING ONE SHOT (W/A/CA) Disney Princess Elena saved her enchanted kingdom from an evil sorceress and must now rule as crown princess until […]

Deadworld Receives a Collected Edition Reprint: Caliber Comics June 2018 Solicits

Stuart Kerr and Vince Locke's Deadworld is being reprinted in a collected format courtesy of Caliber Comics, with the first volume coming out this June. Plus, Bleen get a trade paperback, graphic novel Last on the List is released, and Vietnam Journal receives another installment. BLEEN TP APR181474 (W) Jon A Colunga (A/CA) Landon Huber In Mayber Hills Sanitarium secrets haunt the hallways and words must […]

Learn What it is to Live Without a Voice from Georgia Webber: Fantagraphics June 2018 Solicits

Fantagraphics has another stable of graphic novels and collected editions coming your way this June. Another installment of Disney Masters and Prison Pit are being released.. Take a look back at Fab 4 Mania with Carol Tyler. Learn what it's like Living Without a Voice with Georgia Webber. More details below. APR181550 POOCHYTOWN HC WOODRING (C: 0-1-2) (W/A/CA) Jim Woodring Beginning with Congress of the Animals […]

Hanger and Tarot Cafe Launch in Tokyopop June 2018 Solicits

In addition to Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey, new series Hanger and Tarot Cafe receive full volume releases in print. Read below for more details. APR181917 NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHIRSTMAS ZEROS JOURNEY #2 (W) Dj Milky (A) Kei Ishiyama (CA) Kiyoshi Aria When Jack Skellington's faithful pet Zero gets lost, the ghost pup must get the help of the residents of Christmas […]

Mike Wolfer's Beast Hunter X Launches, Three Stooges Return, and Casper's Ghostland Hits #100: American Mythology June 2018 Solicits

The Three Stooges return with Matinee Madness, inspired by the original look of the legendary comedy team. Casper's Ghostland is brought back to reach its 100th issue. New horror series, Beast Hunter X by Mike Wolfer and Demi Mandir begins. All of this comes courtesy of American Mythology's June 2018 solicits. Details below. Unfortunately, their covers are not available yet, so just imagine how good they […]

Final Street #1, a Gender-Flipped Street Fighter Launches in Devil's Due/1First June 2018 Solicits

Final Street #1, a gender-flipped and high-energy sendoff to the likes of Street Fighter and Final Fight, is coming out courtesy of Devil's Due/1First this June. Plus, Malefic receives its first collected edition. Details below. FINAL STREET #1 APR181494 (W) Scott Schmidt (A/CA) Brian Atkins An over-the-top gender reversal comic book tribute to beat'em-up video games like Street Fighter, Double […]

Turning Into a Caterpillar for Love: Yen Press June 2018 Solicits

Manga publisher Yen Press is delivering a handful of new volumes and graphic novels for your reading pleasure. Little Witch Academia, Caterpillar Girl & Bad Texter Boy (where a girl turns into a caterpillar to no longer be too perfect for her crush), Hatsu Haru, Shibuya Goldfish, and Strange Creature at Kuroyuri Apartments. Read below for full details on Yen […]

Giant-Sized Adventures of Markiplier: Red Giant Entertainment June 2018 Solicits

Markiplier returns to Red Giant Entertainment with the Giant-Sized Adventures of Markiplier with writer Benny Powell and artist Tina Francisco among others. Plus, Shadow Children, a new series, commences. Full June solicit text below. APR181723 GIANT SIZED ADVENTURES OF MARKIPLIER PREMIUM ED (W) Mark "Markiplier" Fischbach, Benny Powell (A) Tina Francisco & Various (CA) Brandon Peterson When YouTube superstar Markiplier takes a […]

Cloe and the Cloud and Nancy in Hell Launch in Amigo Comics June 2018 Solicits

Amigo Comics has two new comic series starting this June. The first is Cloe and the Cloud from Nuria Aparicio and Nancy in Hell from El Torres and Abel Cicero. Plus, graphic novel Magpie World comes courtesy of creators Carlos X Diaz and Guillermo Monje. Full June solicit text available below. CLOE AND THE CLOUD #1 APR181272 (W) Nuria Aparicio (A) Nuria Aparicio Sallybooks and Amigo bring the best […]

Vault Comics June 2018 Solicits

Zojaqan Complete Series Collected: Vault Comics June 2018 Solicits

Publisher Vault Comics has Vagrant Queen, Cult Classic: Return to Whisper, and Wasted Space coming from Magdalene Visaggio (Eternity Girl), Eliot Rahal (Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe), and Michael Moreci (Hack/Slash) respectively coming out this June. The publisher has some talent under their belt. Full details of their releases for June can be found below. Plus, the complete Zojaqan from Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Nathan Gooden is […]

Scout Comics June 2018 Solicits

Survive the Dragon Apocalypse with Zinnober: Scout Comics June 2018 Solicits

In a world where the dragons have taken over, the Zinnober survive. Check out the series from Scout Comics. Stabbity Bunny, Welcome to Paradise, and Shiver Bureau continue their runs. Check out the details from the June solicits below.   CYBER SPECTRE #2 CVR A GARZA APR181731 Delving deeper into the underworld of New Camden, Kiri discovers that her confidant, […]

Lion Forge June 2018 Solicits

Cellies and Mae Vol. 2 Launch in Lion Forge June 2018 Solicits

The second volume of Gene Ha's Mae commences, its first volume is released in a collected edition, and Joe Flood and Dave Scheidt kick off a new series called Cellies, all from Lion Forge this June. Full solicit text below. APR181631 MAE TP VOL 01 (W/A/CA) Gene Ha Mae's beloved older sister Abbie has been missing for years. But no one could have […]

Abberant by Rylend Grant and Zsomber Huszka Launches in Action Lab June 2018 Solicits

Raven finally confronts her brother in Princeless Raven: Year 2, Midnight Tiger continues the fight in Actionverse Ongoing, and Athena Voltaire receives her first collected edition. ACTIONVERSE ONGOING #9 APR181181 (W) Ray Anthony Heights, Vito Delsante (A/CA) Eric Van Elslande "Stronger," Part 3! After almost being beaten by the Cutter Brothers, Midnight Tiger begins to look for something that will […]

Check in on Regular Show 25 Years Later: BOOM! Studios June 2018 Solicits

New miniseries, By Night from writer John Allison and artist Christine Larsen, begins, you can hate Mondays once more with Garfield Homecoming, and see how things turn out with Regular Show: 25 Years Later. All of this plus Adventure Time, Power Rangers, Planet of the Apes, WWE, and plenty of others are revealed in the Boom! Studios June 2018 solicits. Details below.   APR181089 BY NIGHT #1 […]

A New Cinema Purgatorio in Avatar Press June 2018 Solicits

Alan Moore has done a lot of work with Avatar Press, Bleeding Cool's parent company. They are reprinting a number of his works, including Another Suburban Romance and Light of Thy Countenance. Cinema Purgatorio continues, another Moore project, and Crossed Plus 100 Mimic rolls on. All of this is coming out in June. Details below. APR181346 CROSSED PLUS 100 MIMIC #4 (MR) (W) […]

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt Reunite for Shadow Roads: Oni Press June 2018 Solicits

The Sixth Gun team of Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt reunite for Shadow Roads, Rick and Morty invite you to enter the world of Krombopulous Michael, and Kaijumax Season 4 begins! All of this and more comes courtesy of Oni Press this June. Full details below.   APR181666 SHADOW ROADS #1 (W) Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt (A) A.C. Zamudio, Carlos Zamudio (CA) Carlos Zamudio, A.C. […]

All-Women 2000 AD Summer Special in Rebellion June 2018 Solicits

Get ready for the 2000 AD summer special with an entire woman team and the 2000 AD June Pack, dive into Alan Moore's work on Future Shock, and check out the reprints of Jinty and Charley's War. All comes from Rebellion this June. Details below. 2000 AD PACK JUNE 2018 APR181715 Incredible SF action from the Eisner-nominated UK anthology! The future lawman investigates […]