Happiest Season on Hulu Saves the Holiday Season with Lesbians

In case you're behind the times, Hulu is already slaying the holiday movie game. Their newest and most adorable entry this year is called Happiest Season, and it is nothing short of enchanting. Yes, it's in the "Hallmark Holiday Movie" genre, but it's not unbearably cheesy or cavity-causing levels of sweet. Okay, so it's a little cheesy and very sweet, but what do you expect from a big gay Christmas movie?

Plus, friendly drag queen faces BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon make a quick appearance, and I am absolutely living for it. Aubrey Plaza kills it as the sassy gay friend (with a twist), and sassy gay friend without a twist is pulled off just as brilliantly by Dan Levy.

Happiest Season on Hulu Saves the Holiday Season with Lesbians
The credit of Happiest Season. Credit: Hulu

It's part romance, part coming out story, part adult coming-of-age, part holiday shenanigans, part family togetherness, and totally brilliant. There's heart, charm, and humor blended so well, and authentically it skyrockets this movie to the top of the holiday movie must-see list. It's cute and wholesome, and of course, it has a happy ending – a happy holiday ending.

Harper (Mackenzie Davis) brings her girlfriend Abby (Kristen Stewart) home for the holidays…but on the way there, she confesses that her parents don't know she's gay and think Abby is just her roommate with nowhere else to go for Christmas. Of course, Abby is totally thrown by this. Still, despite the deception, she goes along with it out of love and meets her sisters (Alison Brie and Mary Holland) as well as her image-obsessed parents, Ted (Victor Garber) and Tipper (Mary Steenburgen). Naturally, there's the home town ex-boyfriend thrown into the mix, and her parents are trying to get them back together. Those meddling parents! If only they knew Harper was a lesbian and in a super cute relationship already.

No spoilers, but of course, it wouldn't be a happy holiday movie without a happy ending – even if the way they get there is not exactly how you would expect.

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