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Stan Lee's Last Trip To Europe – The London Film And Comic Con
The London Film And Comic Con, though longer running, has played second fiddle to the MCM London Expo It's more of a meet-and-greet-someone-off-the-telly-or-a-film-you-liked-as-a-kid kind of show, but Mike Conroy has, of late, upped the caliber of the comic book guests Hell, even Bleeding Cool has been invited to set up stall, this coming July, a[...]
The Cosplay At London Film And Comic Con, From Steve Cook
Illustrator and photographer Steve Cook reports, with camera on hand, for Bleeding Cool from the London Film And Comic Con, taking place this weekend. Anderson: Psi Division! Running for two days is the London Film and Comic Con and I went along yesterday to take a few shots at the request of Mike Conroy and his daughter,[...]