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Axel Alonso Responds On Latest Miracleman Delays
Last week, Bleeding Cool ran the story that the solicited issues of Miracleman: The Silver Age, reprinting and then finishing the second arc from Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham on the Miracleman series, first begun in the late eighties, has been pulled from the schedules. Issues 1,2 and 3 had been solicited for 2016 but the[...]
Marvel Puts Gaiman And Buckingham's Miracleman On Hold… For Now
I noted that the Neil Gaiman/Mark Buckingham remastered reprints and new chapters of their Miracleman run from Marvel Comics were missing from recent Marvel Previews But I put that down to the usual delays that have accompanied this series over the last thirty-five years. I didn't know the half of it. Marvel Comics have told retailers that[...]
Next Week… I'll Be At London Super Comic Con. Will You?
If you see me, say hi, I always appreciate it. Here's a look at what's waiting for me. Attending creators include Brian Bolland, Frank Cho, David Finch, Humberto Ramos, Mike Zeck, Marv Wolfman, David Aja, Heather Antos, Mahmud Asrar, Jeremy Bastion, Simone Bianchi, Mark Buckingham, Howard Chaykin, Ian Churchill, Katie Cook, Steve Dillon, Duncan Fegredo, Meredith Finch, Gary[...]
The Future Of Miracleman At Marvel Comics – From MCM London Comic Con
At the Diamond Retailer Day at MCM London Expo this weekend, Marvel's Senior VP David Gabriel announced that April would see the the first ever printing of the long lost unpublished Neil Gaiman/Mark Buckingham Miracleman #25 comic, twenty years after it was completed. Then, as expected, Gaiman and Buckingham will finish of the Silver Age story with[...]
How The Remastered Miracleman By Gaiman And Buckingham Compares To The Original
Marvel are pushing the relaunch of Miracleman, the Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham run, ahead of the Final Order Cut-off date.  And they have released the following pages of Miracleman By Gaiman & Buckingham #1 So I thought I'd compare them to the printed version of Miracleman #17 when it was published by Eclipse. Let's take a[...]
Buy A Fables #150, Win A Page Of Original Art…
The release also coincides with London comic book store Orbital's signing/gallery launch of the work of Fables artist and co-creator Mark Buckingham. Basically, everyone who buys a copy of the book from Orbital Comics between release date and Mark's signing on August 1 will receive a raffle ticket putting them in for a chance to win a[...]
A New Captain Britain Comic For 2016?
At the weekend, Mark Buckingham launched his new exhibition at Orbital Comics in London with a talk During which he talked abot his love for the Marvel comics character Captain Britain and his desire to work on the character. Now Buckingham is busy right now Very busy Concluding his Miracleman run with Neil Gaiman[...]
And Finally… The Seating Choice Of Frank Cho's Miraclewoman
The Frank Cho variant cover for Miracleman #18, by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham and out in September. I suppose once you are a living god, you can sit on the subway how you goddamn please.   The Frank Cho variant cover for Miracleman #18, by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham and out in September. I suppose once[...]
Marvel Liquidates Miracleman #1-10 In All Its Variants
Miracleman wil re relaunching later this year, as Neil Gaiman And Mark Buckingham's Miracleman, reprinting and remastering their run on the series, before finishing the series as they originally intended At which point some folk may be interested up in picking up what went before… Maybe it could make for good promotion fro canny retailers ahead[...]
Finally – Jeph Loeb And Tim Sale's Captain America: White #1 Published In September
Another of their "colour" volumes that would include Daredevil Yellow, Spider-Man Blue and Hulk Grey, there were sadly no subsequent issues of the expected six-issue series. Well, at the C2E2 Retailer Breakfast held this morning, and attended by Bleeding Cool's David Swallow and Peter G, we learnt that Marvel have stated the finished book will be published[...]
A New Miracleman #1 For Neil Gaiman And Mark Buckingham's Golden Age
Rereading it, it is as majestic as I remembered, and with a final moment that effectively (and intentionally) undermines everything the character has been building up to. But #17, as Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham took over the title, won't be reprinted as #17 Instead it appears that Miracleman will relaunch as a new #1, reprinting the[...]
Advance Review Of Mouse Guard Vol. 3 # 1: Let The Storytelling Contest Begin!
The incentive; the mouse with the best story has their bar tab paid in full. Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard Volume 3 #1, features three stories entitled, The Gosling and the Ghost, by Mark Buckingham, The Mouse and the Moon, by Skottie Young, and The Armor Maker by Hannah Christenson. Issue #1 of this volume resonates a[...]
Mouse Guard Celebrates 10 Years With Skottie Young, Mark Buckingham, Dustin Nguyen, Becky Cloonan And More
From Archaia, an imprint of award-winning publisher BOOM! Studios, comes a new collection of tales from a mix of some very talented creators including: Skottie Young (Rocket Raccoon), Mark Buckingham (Fables), Dustin Nguyen (Descender), Ramón K Pérez (Hawkeye, Jim Henson's Tale of Sand), Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy), Hannah Christenson (Jim Henson's The Storyteller: The Novelization),[...]
Brian Bolland, Art Adams, Max Brooks And More Now Coming To London Super Comic Con In March…
The London Super Comic Con has released a bunch more comic attendees at the show… oh look, Max Brooks, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen… you can see that Bleeding Cool's publisher must be in attendance! The new names are Arthur Adams, Simone Bianchi, Brian Bolland, Max Brooks, Mark Buckingham, Joyce Chin, Garth Ennis, Kieron Gillen, Adi Granov, Tabitha Lyons, Ron Marz, Ireland Reid, Esad Ribic, David Roach, Laura Sindall, Rachel Stott, David Wachter and Jeremy[...]
A Look Inside Arkham Manor #3 And Dead Boy Detectives #12
DC has released preview pages for Arkham Manor #3 by Gerry Duggan and Shawn Crystal as well as Dead Boy Detectives #12 by Toby Lift, Mark Buckingham and Ryan Kelly Both books are on sale this week. ARKHAM MANOR #3 – all is not as it seems as Batman's plans unravel in Arkham Manor, and Jack[...]