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TEPPEN Adds Felyne To The Roster For One Year Anniversary
GungHo Online Entertainment added a new character to their roster this week as Felyne from Monster Hunter comes to TEPPEN The update had been teased for a while and it was pretty clear by all of the promos up until now that we were going to get a different kind of addition to the game[...]
Monster Hunter x SH Figuarts Nargacuga Monsterarts
Monster Hunter fans can get excited as Tamashii Nations S.H Figuarts series have crossed over bring them new amazing collectibles Coming out of there S.H Monsterarts series is two beautifully sculpted and crafted monsters from the Monster Hunter series Both of these figures were overseen by the games series director Kaname Fujioka This makes sure[...]
Monster Hunter World Iceborne Alatreon
Capcom released a brand new developer diary today for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, going over the next update arriving Monday and showing a new monster The company will be releasing the 13.00 update into the game on March 23rd, which we have many of the details for you below But the video at the bottom[...]
"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Title Update 3 Debuts Later This Month
Credit: Capcom Looking for a reason to jump back into Monster Hunter World: Iceborne? Capcom just made sure you have a reason to play, even though there's a huge crop of incoming games to get tangled up with as well. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Title Update 3 is now slated to appear on PlayStation 4 and Xbox[...]
Monster hunter arrives with new statue from Kinetiquettes
Monster Hunter is a very fun, thrilling, and intense game You could sign on and play just to take down one monster and next thing you know it's been two hours of the hunt Monster Hunter World definitely got me back into the hunter fever Now it looks like you can bring your love for[...]
"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Heads to PC in January 2020
Credit: Capcom Ready to head out on another hunt? Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is headed to PC in January 2020 You're going to want to get all those supplies ready to go. Capcom announced that the PC version would be debuting on January 9 You can preorder now for a special "Yukumo" layered armor set as well[...]
"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Receives Fan-Favorite Zinogre
Before Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is released in September, Capcom has decided to show off more monsters on the way including a fan-favorite Zinogre will be making his return to the world, along with a new look for the water-based creature We also get a new look at the Elder Dragon Namielle, who is looking[...]
"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Japanese Ads Reveal Yian Garuga
It looks like we're getting one more surprised out of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne as an old face has reared its ugly head in a new commercial Capcom released a new Japanese commercial for the latest expansion on August 22nd, and with it came an unexpected surprise as Yian Garuga made an appearance The Bird[...]
"Monster Hunter World: Iceborne" Gets A New Trailer At Gamescom
Capcom had their own announcements at Gamescom this week, which included a new trailer and content for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne The trailer below shows off  Velkhana, the mysterious Elder Dragon, in all of his frozen glory Along with the new Guardian Armor that will help you survive through all of the problems you're about[...]
"Monster Hunter: World" Shows Off Subspecies And More For "Iceborne"
Capcom revealed a new trailer this week for the upcoming Iceborne expansion coming to Monster Hunter: World, including new Subspecies The developers have given you a new Gathering Hub in the frosty climates that basically looks like they went to a skiing retreat and recreated a mountain lodge They improved the multiplayer aspect to hunting,[...]
Auto Draft
We paid a visit to the Capcom booth during E3 for an appointment, where they immediately took us to a demo for the new Monster Hunter World: Iceborne addition Myself and a group of three other journalists were thrown into the deep end of the latest expansion as we were told only a couple of[...]
5 Binge-Worthy Games to Play This Memorial Day Weekend
But if you've got a Switch or Wii U, and you haven't played it yet, do yourself a favor and get on it right this second. credit//Capcom Monster Hunter: World The latest Monster Hunter is by far the best Monster Hunter in recent memory And with the upcoming Iceborne expansion set to hit this summer, it's time to[...]
Capcom Has Offered a Free Trial of Monster Hunter: World on PS4
If you'd like to try out Monster Hunter: World and have never done so, Capcom is giving you a chance to do so on the PS4 for a limited time After teasing the latest additions coming to the game during the State Of Play feed this week, the company is giving you between now and[...]