Move Games Announces New Simulator Title Sports: Renovations

Save the home of your favorite sports team from going to ruin as Sports: Renovations will have you bringing arenas back to life!

Movie Games revealed they have a new simulator title on the way as developer Goat Gamez presents Sports: Renovations. The game will have you working a renovation job, and much like those sim titles, you'll have to put your best foot forward in making these places shine. However, the small twist is that you're helping fix up arenas for sports teams, helping give them new life, so your team doesn't fold or leave town. You can read up more on it below and see the latest trailer as the game is scheduled to be released sometime in 2023.

Promo art for Sports: Renovations, courtesy of Movie Games.
Promo art for Sports: Renovations, courtesy of Movie Games.

"How do you save your beloved team's court from being torn down by a real estate developer? You do what you do best – renovate dilapidated sports facilities to collect the money you need to help out. Restore gyms, courts, pools, and pitches to their former glory, upgrade your tools and expand your headquarters. Collect trophies and mementos during your renovation missions and display them proudly in a special room for everyone to see. Your hometown basketball court is in danger. The shining star of your youth where you watched fantastic matches played by your favorite team. It's a place where many young talents started their careers. It's a home of many fond memories, now covered in cobwebs and dust."

"Collect trash, clean up the dirt from walls and floors, give the place a fresh coat of paint, fix broken fixtures, furnish and decorate the place. Remember to take a photo before and after to prove how good a job you did! Use the money you earn to upgrade your equipment and expand your headquarters – each unlocked room comes with its own perks and advantages. Leave no corner undusted and no wall unpainted. Carefully design the area and arrange every room with its functionality in mind. You have all the time in the world, so use it to polish your skills and plan out the space – some designs are better than others, so be creative! Tinker with sports equipment and assemble the furniture to the best of your ability. And remember: just have fun and be proud of your achievements!"

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