Batman Week Finale: Batman Mash-Up Figures from Square Enix

Batman Week is coming to an end and no better way than to go over some forgotten treasures. We have covered a lot of collectibles this week and it was quite fun going back and look at some of the amazing collectibles out there. Whenever doing research you, of course, can get quite distracted on some things you come across. Upon my research, I came across one of the greatest Batman figure lines out there that can get any Batman or DC Comics villain fan excited. Back in 2016 Square Enix released a line of Play Arts Kai figures for Batman. This doesn't sound too crazy right off the back and there are three figures in total with each getting more badass than the previous one. Square Enix is out here creating monsters as they have fused Batman with some of his most iconic villains for some truly unique figures. Joker, Mr. Freeze, and Two-Face have all been recreated as Batman mash-up figures that are something quite terrifying and unbelievably amazing. First, we will be looking at the bats' most notorious villain, Joker, with his Play Arts Kai figure. The design of this character is something almost out of the video game series Bloodborne or Dark Souls. The sculpting is quite terrifying and it shows a Japanese style Batman but with the colors of the Joker. This figure predates The Batman Who Laughs and from his face, hands, and if you can strip down the paint they were nearly spot on with the design. The dark tones of the purple and green keep the sinister level of this Joker alive. He does come with accessories too live a gun, knife cards, batarang, and bang effect. This is one figure that any Joker or Batman fan should add to their grim collection.

Following the Joker is another villain we happened to cover this week as Mr. Freeze returns. This time Batman is the one with the cryo suit as Square Enix combines these two legends into one. The design of this figure is pretty uniques as they added a special frozen style to his costume. The frost paint on the chest and cape really bring an extra element to this design. The cryo canisters on his next and in his belt are a great touch too really bring that Mr. Freeze feels to the light. He too comes with accessories with a cryo gun, batarang, and frost tube for of course some sinister acts. This is honestly a truly unique idea and design before we started to see evil Batman come out of the Dark Nights Metal DC Comics storyline. The biggest part of the figure I have to praise is still the added frost on the figure. It is something simple that did t needed to be done but it puts the figure on a new level that surpasses the Joker mash-up. The Mr. Freeze Batman mash-up figure lets collectors know that winter is coming and would look beautiful in any collection.

This last mash-up Batman Square Enix Play Arts Kai figure is truly a monster. Harvey Dent has donned the Dark Knights suit this time as Two-Face is here and ready to play. This figure is easily the best of the three, in my opinion, the design alone is something unique, gorgeous, and terrifying all in one. The burnt left side of the figure captures the feel of Two-Face perfectly. The right side is pretty spot on for a normal Batman costume but that added burned side elements is the true essence of a mash-up. This figure will also feature another head sculpt, extra hands, a gun, and a batarang. This is one Batman you would not want to run into in the streets of Gotham as you will not make it back home. Square Enix defiantly did something special with these designs and I'm quite surprised we haven't seen more come out of it. This idea is something special and it brings an original idea to a character that has been around since the 40s. Each villain has its own essence that they captured perfectly. One little detail I really enjoyed is that each figure has its own unique signature batarang style. It is a small feature but as an iconic and symbolic part of Batman, they made each one its own thing and I appreciate that. These are figures that can be added to any fans' wishlist and something they will want to own and display. These figures are mostly sold out online so you will have to stick to third party sellers like here to score a deal. I hope we can get more ideas like this in the future or even new heroes with villain mash-ups.

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