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Funko Unleashes the Minions with New Pop Figures

Funko Unleashes the Minions with New Pop Figures

Things are about to get yellow as Funko announces new Minions Pops are headed our way. This time these Funko Pops are based on their newest film, Minions: The Rise of Gru. While we all have to wait till July till the movie premieres we have some Minions collectibles to look for. There are 8 figures announced […]

Frozen 2 Brings the Storm with Huge Funko Release

Overwatch and Funko Bring Alive More Heroes the World Needs 

Overwatch is still bringing in a huge number of players every day. It is no surprise it is one of Blizzard's top games and even has its own tournament. Being a fan of the franchise myself, I love the mythos and the character's backgrounds and stories. Funko has announced another new wave of upcoming Overwatch […]

Lord of the Rings Funko Pops Wave 2- Gollum, Treebeard, and more!

Lord of the Rings had its Funko debut earlier this year. In February next year, the journey continues. Not only are we getting a huge new wave of Pops, but Mystery Minis as well. The requisite exclusives and such will be available in stores as well. Funko Lord of the Rings Mystery Minis The future […]

Stranger Things Funko Mystery Minis 1

Stranger Things Mystery Minis Are Adorable, Frustrating At The Same Time

Stranger Things and Funko go together like PB&J. That may also be because they have a huge licensing deal with Netflix for Stranger Things merchandise. But who cares? I wanna buy it all anyway. It took awhile, but I have complete waves of the Pops (for now). I have the show on blu-ray. Shirts, pens, […]

Kingdom Hearts Funko Gamestop Box

Kingdom Hearts Gets An Exclusive Funko Box At Gamestop, Let's Dive In

Kingdom Hearts is one of the modern gaming eras most-beloved franchises. There is no disputing that. Since Funko Pops took over the collecting world, people have wanted Kingdom Hearts Pops. We started by getting Disney favorites in their Kingdom Hearts looks. We are about to get the original characters here very shortly. We now are […]

Funko Coco Pop Ernesto

'Coco' Funko Galore Coming Exclusively To Hot Topic And Toys R Us

Coco looks like such a intriguing film. I mean, it is Pixar, so it will probably be an inventive, challenging, and emotional viewing experience. Naturally, as with most things these days, there will be Funko products coming, too! Curiously, though, they will only be coming to two stores: Hot Topic and Toys R Us. In […]

kingdom hearts

Kingdom Hearts Invades Funko — We Finally Have A Sora Pop!

Kingdom Hearts is one of the most-beloved video game franchises of all-time. While also one of the most frustrating. While we all wait forever for the next installment, Funko is giving us a second series of Pops. Along with those, we are also getting new Mystery Minis, as well. Let's take a look. Kingdom Hearts […]

Funko Goes All In On Rick And Morty

Funko is going all in on Rick and Morty ladies and gentlemen. Below, we can go over all of the upcoming goodies coming out this spring: First, they will be introducing a new line of 5-inch articulated action figures. The inaugural wave will include Rick, Morty, Mr.Meeseeks, BirdPerson, and  Mr. Poopy Butthole. If you collect […]

Feel Nostalgic With Funko Retro Video Game Mystery Minis

Today is London Toy Fair, and continuing their exhaustive reveals, Retro Gaming Mystery Minis are coming to stores this spring/summer. Look at the adorable arcade cabinet style packaging! That makes picking these up worth it alone.

I'll Take The Funko Lot… Harry Potter Mystery Minis Are Too Good To Pass Up

As if the Harry Potter POP! Vinyl's weren't enough…well, I've always found Funko's Mystery Mini collections more adorable, and of course, more addicting. This July they're adding Harry Potter to the mix just in time for the next installments release I suppose. I don't even know if it's worth it to buy just one at […]

Toy Fair '16: "A Trip Through Barbie's History"

There's been a lot of Barbie news as of late, and with that comes some new products from Funko. Products including Mystery Minis and a 5 inch collection of vinyl Barbie figures that celebrate a different year of her legacy. It's true that no icon has made quite the impression that Barbie has over the […]

Toy Fair '16: Funko To Release 32 Mystery Minis Series This Year

Ah, there's nothing like ripping open a fresh Mystery Minis box, and Toy Fair 2016 had quite a nice collection of the old and the not yet released. Funko Director of Marketing Mark Robben explained that along with a new Walking Dead Mystery Mini series, there will also be a new Game of Thrones, Warcraft, and Frozen collection releasing this year. He continued: "I […]