Stranger Things Mystery Minis Are Adorable, Frustrating At The Same Time

Stranger Things and Funko go together like PB&J. That may also be because they have a huge licensing deal with Netflix for Stranger Things merchandise. But who cares? I wanna buy it all anyway. It took awhile, but I have complete waves of the Pops (for now). I have the show on blu-ray. Shirts, pens, coffee mugs. You name it. So when Mystery Minis were announced, I knew I was in trouble. Luckily, the Hot Topic by me got in an entire case while I was there.

Stranger Things Funko Mystery Minis

I hate when I love packaging so much that I do not want to open the figures. That is certainly the case here. The case features all the various figures that can be inside. The familiar show logo is everywhere as well. Each individual box also features characters all over, and the odds for each figure on the back. One downside to buying these at a store with exclusives is that there will be regular figures you still have to hunt down not in these cases. Not to mention that some of the odds here are terrible. The risk is there to get quite a few doubles. But the risk is worth it!

And the figures are incredible. They have a real Schultz/Peanuts ascetic to them, which makes me like them even more. I am really glad that these are not bobble-heads as well like the Marvel and Star Wars ones. My favorites are Hopper, the adorable Dustin (seriously: how cute is he???), and the Demogorgon has an awesome sculpt for such a tiny figure. I did not get any of the three Hot Topic exclusives sadly. I also got three doubles: Lucas, Mike, and Eleven. So I still have some hunting to do.

Fans need these. I hope I can complete the set quickly, but I am very impatient. Knowing that there are Target exclusives makes me feel defeated already, as they are the worst for Funko exclusives. Gamestop also has three exclusives as well. These should be in stores there as well now. if you just want the regular releases, you can buy some here.




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