Here's A (Final) Wrap-Up Of Other Funko Announcements From London Toy Fair

Yesterday we ran quite a few Funko reveals from London Toy Fair, but there were in fact some we missed (believe it or not!). So here we go with the last few:

There will be a line of Walking Dead Mystery Minis that feature all of the dearly departed characters from the AMC show. The minis will be black and white, and it is a huge set, so it may even be split into a couple waves.


Staying with Mystery Minis, there will be a wave of DC TV show Mystery Minis as well, covering not only the CW shows, but it looks like Gotham will sneak in there as well, with Penguin making an appearance.


The 100 has quite the cult following on The CW, and now the long-rumored pops will finally be seeing the light of day.


And Batman The Animated Series will be getting a second wave of Pops, with Catwoman, Clayface, and Bane among the chosen. The standout to me would be Phantasm, one of the more impressive sculpts to date.


All of these products should hit shelves this spring/summer.

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