Toy Fair '16: Funko To Release 32 Mystery Minis Series This Year

Ah, there's nothing like ripping open a fresh Mystery Minis box, and Toy Fair 2016 had quite a nice collection of the old and the not yet released. Funko Director of Marketing Mark Robben explained that along with a new Walking Dead Mystery Mini series, there will also be a new Game of Thrones, Warcraft, and Frozen collection releasing this year.

He continued:

"I think last year we had 16 different PDQ's… and this year we're up to 32. They continue to fly out of our warehouse."

I think the only explanation for that is the fact that they are so addicting…we all demand more! Don't even try and tell me that you haven't ripped open a Mystery Minis blind box and thought, "that's not the one I wanted," only to go back to buy some more. It's a genius invention, and because Funko does such a fantastic job at designing them, it's no wonder they're doing so well.

Here's a few photos of what Funko had on display…

IMG_2310 IMG_2314



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