Funko Grabs All My Money With Star Wars Mystery Minis. Here Is Where The Exclusives Are.

Funko knows they have us all on the hook. There are certain products and things that they put out that I just close my eyes and hand over my cash. And there are some things that I silently wish they never do, because I will run all over the place in all my free time until I have them all. This is one of those cases. Star Wars is my first love, I have more Star Wars products than any human being should, and that includes almost every Pop they have ever done. Now: Mystery Minis.

look at how adorable and awesome they are. While revealed before, now we know what exclusives there are and where they will be located at. First, Hot topic will have exclusive versions of Greedo, Darth Vader, and a TIE Pilot. Hot Topic is notorious for only getting a couple cases of these and then never restocking, so these may prove to be hard to get.

Next up is Gamestop, who always overstock on everything and will be the easiest to get. They will have Stormtrooper versions of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, on top of yet another exclusive version of Darth Vader. Also: make sure you get your Shadow Trooper here, as he seems to be who is replaced with the  exclusives.

Finally we have what will be the hardest exclsives to get, including the one I want most. Walmart is terrible at getting out their exclusives, especially Funko. So I will probably resort to eBay for these to save myself my time and energy. The exclusives here are a variant on Chewbacca, the Sand Person (or Tusken Raider), and my most wanted of these all regular or otherwise: spirit Obi-Wan Kenobi (or Ben, since one of you complained last time I called him otherwise).

These are hitting stores this month. Maybe right now….

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