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Rise Of The Triad: Ludicrous Edition Announced For February 2023
The original team behind the game, along with the minds at Nightdive Studios, has brought it back to life as this thing plays like Quake with a ton of danger around every corner We got more info and the latest trailer for the game below as it will be released for PC and all three[...]
Blood: Fresh Supply Collector’s Edition Now Up For Pre-Order
Atari has teamed up with Nightdive Studios to remaster Blood: Fresh Supply and has released details on a Collector's Edition The digital version may have come out three years ago, but for those of you who adore this game and want to treasure it forever, now you can Now available for pre-order, the team is[...]
Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Is Out On PC & Consoles
Nightdive Studios and Alcon Entertainment have officially released Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition this week on PC and consoles This is a complete remastering of the original game released back in 1997, as you will be playing a branching narrative from the 1982 classic sci-fi film All with updated graphics, better audio, refined mechanics, and more[...]
Humble Games Releases Remastered ‘90s Shooter PowerSlave Exhumed
Humble Games and Nightdive Studios have come together to release a remastered classic as PowerSlave Exhumed is now in their shop The classic '90s shooter has been fully restored to its glory with upgrades to make it run smoother and play a little bit better on modern platforms The game will be on sale for[...]
Nightdive Studios Announces The Wheel Of Time Remaster
Nightdive Studios has revealed they have remastered another classic PC title as we have a new version of The Wheel Of Time on GOG The company is having to work with a few different minds to make it happen as it will be under license from Iwot Productions' affiliate Red Eagle Games, and in partnership with[...]
system shock
After six months in a healing coma, you awaken to the twisted aftermath of a terrible disaster., the highly anticipated streaming platform creating original series and shows inspired by popular video games, announced today that Russo will write and direct the previously revealed live-action System Shock series — based on NightDive Studios' critically acclaimed System[...]
Tencent will be working on System Shock 3 going forward.
Prime Matter announced today that they will be partnering with developer Nightdive Studios to officially release the game The two companies have officially started moving forward with release plans, and as of right now, the goal is to have the game out sometime in 2022 Nightdive has been working closely with many of the members[...]
Valiant Entertainment & Nightdive Studio Will Remaster "Shadow Man"
Nightdive Studios revealed today that Shadow Man: Remastered now has a very specific release date next month The company revealed today that they will finally be releasing the remastered version of the 1999 video game on April 15th, 2021 The date was specifically chosen as they will be releasing the game alongside Valiant Entertainment's reboot[...]
Valiant Entertainment & Nightdive Studio Will Remaster "Shadow Man"
Nightdive Studios and Valiant Entertainment revealed new screenshots today showing off the new look for Shadow Man: Remastered Nightdive has had a successful run of revamping older titles from the '90s that people love and adore and giving them a new life on modern consoles Some of their games include System Shock: Enhanced Edition, Turok, Turok 2:[...]
New System Shock Remake Cyberspace Gameplay Debuts
Nightdive Studios is still hard at work on bringing its remake of System Shock to fruition That means there's a bit of new footage to pore over for anyone who's been looking forward to seeing more of what the team has been up to over the past few months. The latest look at the game takes[...]
Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition Reveals An Updated Opening
It's been a minute since Nightdive Studios announced they would be working on Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition The goal of the project is basically to do an overhaul on the 1997 PC title and give players a better experience than what they once had 23 years ago The game itself holds up pretty decently compared[...]
Nightdive Studios Announces "Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition"
Nightdive Studios and Alcon Entertainment have partnered up to bring back a classic video game with Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition The game was originally released by Westwood Studios, and at the time in 1997, it was one of the best titles you could find (Provided your PC could run it.) It even had the voices[...]
Atari and Nightdive Studios Reboot PC Horror Shooter Blood: Fresh Supply
Atari and Nightdive Studios have rebooted the late-90s PC horror shooter Blood for a new generation with Blood: Fresh Supply If you're not familiar with the game, it was released back in 1997 as a much more gory and frightening version of classic shooters of the time like DOOM and Quake, which include an insane[...]
Turok is Coming to Nintendo Switch This Month, The Sequel in April
It's up to you to navigate your way through the danger and stop the warlord, all while trying to find a way back home. credit//Nightdive Studios There's a more details description of the game below, but the big news that came out today about this re-release is that Nightdive Studios will be releasing the sequel as well. Turok[...]
system shock
Just before the weekend, Nightdive Studios updated their Kickstarter page for the System Shock reboot to let fans know the game's progress The developers gave a brief explanation as to what they've been up to as they race toward their September milestone, which included a series of photos showing off the progress they have so[...]
system shock
A bit of frustrating new coming from PC Gamer today as Nightdive Studios reps confirmed we won't see System Shock for another two years. The company's CEO Stephen Kick and business development director Larry Kuperman both sat down with the site to chat about the studio when it was revealed that we wouldn't see the game[...]
system shock
Today, Nightdive Studios shared some bad news with Kickstarter backers about the status of System Shock Remastered, announcing that the project is currently on hold Nightdive Studios revealed its plan for a remaster of the beloved sci-fi game via Kickstarter in June of 2016 The campaign was more successful than the developer ever imagined, with[...]