New System Shock Remake Cyberspace Gameplay Debuts

Nightdive Studios is still hard at work on bringing its remake of System Shock to fruition. That means there's a bit of new footage to pore over for anyone who's been looking forward to seeing more of what the team has been up to over the past few months.

The latest look at the game takes players to Cyberspace in a neon-tinged world found within the world of computers. It's quite similar to the way the area looked in the past, but it's got plenty more visual pep this time around. That's something we can all get behind, after all. Cyberspace has long been known as one of the coolest parts of the original System Shock.

Nightdive Studios decided to reboot and reimagine the original System Shock some 20 years after its original release. Talents who made the first game as memorable as it was are still a part of the project, including the voice actress who played SHODAN (Terri Brosius) as well as additional members of the original team.

Get a look at all that cyberspace! Courtesy of Nightdive Studios.
Get a look at all that cyberspace! Courtesy of Nightdive Studios.

If the rest of the game follows suit, we could very well be looking at one of the cooler remakes out there in the wild. Take a look at the new footage below.

In addition to the new "Cyberspace" video, Nightdive Studios debuted a new developer diary called "The Art of Gore." It shows off how some of the studio's artists have approached adding in certain damage effects and types of dismemberment found throughout Citadel Station.

Currently, there's an alpha demo available to play on PC for both Steam and GOG, so you can give the new version a try and see how it stacks up to how you remember the original. Since the game is still in development, there's no set release date just yet for when it will arrive.

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