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Gearbox Publishing Is Celebrating Godfall's One-Year Anniversary
GungHo Online Entertainment has revealed Season 8 of Ninjala this week as players will have to channel their inner animal to survive Some interesting choices will need to be made, as you can see from the art below, where it appears the animal you're tied to will help you gain some abilities Not to mention[...]
Ninjala Releases Season Six Details For First Anniversary
GungHo Online Entertainment revealed new details to Season Six of Ninjala as the game celebrates its one-year anniversary The team behind the game released a brand new dev diary video, which you can check out below, as they go over all the additions they're making to the game for the latest season Chief among them[...]
Ninjala is getting a second open beta.
In case you missed out on the first go-around, the second Ninjala open beta test is taking place this weekend We have the complete listing of times from GungHo Online Entertainment as they bring you their free-to-play multiplayer battler You can download the demo from the Nintendo eShop here, as the testing will kick off[...]
Ninjala is getting a second open beta.
GungHo Online Entertainment is bringing back the Ninjala open beta period for players who missed it the first time around In a new developer diary for the game, a second-round was confirmed for the end of May You'll be able to jump in and give the game a go for an entire day on May[...]
Ninjala Main Art Poster
GungHo Online Entertainment announced this week that the release of Ninjala has been delayed due to COVID-19 The game was originally scheduled to be released on May 27th, and they had been doing beta tests on the game the past few months to get all the kinks worked out prior to the release But now[...]
Ninjala Main Art Poster
GungHo Online Entertainment announced this week that their upcoming game Ninjala will be holding an open beta at the end of April This will be one of the few chances you can play the game before it's gets released, even though it's going to be a free-to-play title The open beta times will be April[...]
GungHo Entertainment Pushes Ninjala Back To 2020
Those of you who have been looking forward to seeing more from Ninjala will have to wait as the game has officially been pushed back to 2020 GungHo Entertainment released a short notice letting fans know of the circumstances, which according to them will be "to implement improvements and polish the game for final release." credit//GungHo[...]
Addressing Being a Copy with Ninjala at PAX West
So… sometimes you get put between a rock and a hard place with games at PAX West, like we were with Ninjala Right off the bat, we need to say that we have nothing against Gung Ho Entertainment, they're great people and we usually enjoy everything they bring to the party However, this is one we[...]