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Norman Osborn Returns as the Green Goblin in Amazing Spider-Man #850

Ahead of this week's reveal of Marvel Comics' solicitations for September 2020, Marvel has let folk know that the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #850 by Nick Spencer and Ryan Cody will see the return of Norman Osborn to the series as the Green Goblin That's the legacy number of course, the actual number of this volume[...]

John Romita unused Spider-Man art page.

You Can Own Unused Amazing Spider-Man John Romita Artwork

I mean, it features notes all over the page, Spider-Man is everywhere, and Norman Osborn is on the page unmasked This is everything you could possibly want in a silver age Marvel art page It is criminal that this piece of comic history is still so low in bidding, and right now, it would be[...]

Meet Gwen Stacy's New (Old) Boyfriend – Gwen Stacy #1 [SPOILERS]

In Sins Past, it's revealed that Gwen Stacy had a sexual affair with Norman Osborn that resulted in two children, something she told Mary Jane Watson about, who kept it a secret from Peter Parker for decades The image of Gwen and Norman doing the hibbity-dibbity is still burned in fans minds fifteen years later.Jesus[...]

[Rumor] David Morrissey Being Eyed for Marvel Studios Phase 4?

[Rumor] David Morrissey Being Eyed for Marvel Studios Phase 4?

The most common one? Norman Osborn for a possible future Spider-Man film, with Reed Richards of Fantastic Four a close second.We would also humbly suggest maybe Doctor Doom, since we know that Legion on FX creator Noah Hawley is reportedly still trying to make his film about the Latverian monarch happen.Who else would you like to see[...]

Amazing Spider-Man #799 cover by Alex Ross

Amazing Spider-Man #799 Review: The Amazing Friends VS the Red Goblin

Human Torch, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Silk, Agent Ant-Venom, and Clash are recruited to be on watch for Norman Osborn The Goblin shows up before long, and it’s up to Peter Parker’s friends to stop the homicidal Red Goblin.[caption id="attachment_833694" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Amazing Spider-Man #799 cover by Alex Ross[/caption]You may think that this would be a[...]

Amazing Spider-Man #798 cover by Alex Ross

Amazing Spider-Man #798 Review: Gobby vs Spidey- Plus, That Thing You've Been Waiting For

The comic is fun, the dialogue is funny at times, and it’s nice to have ole’ Norman Osborn back on the scene This one gets a recommendation Check it out.[rwp-review-ratings id="0"] [rwp-review-form id="0"] [rwp-review-recap id="0"]The Green Goblin attacks the Daily Bugle while armed with a Tritium bomb He’s looking for Spider-Man, of course, and he sends[...]

Amazing Spider-Man #796 cover by Alex Ross

Amazing Spider-Man #796 Review: Better, but Still Not Good

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Agent Anti-Venom is becoming a beloved hero across New York City, and Liz Allen of Alchemax hires/vaguely threatens Flash Thompson into working security at a demonstration for the company. Meanwhile, Peter Parker convinces the Daily Bugle to report on the demonstration after receiving an invite from Liz Allen as well. Mary Jane Watson […]

Amazing Spider-Man #795 cover by Alex Ross

Amazing Spider-Man #795 Review: The Plot Padding of the Gods

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Spider-Man is getting used to his new apartment and his new-old job. Meanwhile, Aunt May calls Bobbi Morse for lunch with her and Peter not knowing that they have broken up. Elsewhere, Loki looks to summon Spider-Man to settle an old debt. Yes, I'm back on this one. I've expressed my displeasure with […]

Norman Osborn Cast In Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

Chris Cooper has been cast as Norman Osborn in the now-filming Amazing Spider-Man sequel.What isn't clear now is if Michael Massee was playing the role in the last movie and has now been recast or if his shadowy figure will be revealed to be somebody else.It also remains to be seen if this Osborn will[...]

Wednesday Trending Topics: Iron Man, Iron Patriot

Not least because the character, in the comics at least, is an alias of Norman Osborn, sometime Green Goblin and, as far as the big screen goes, under lock and key at Sony So there's obviously been some jiggery pokery going on And indeed, the forum is pretty skeptical of this one But what do[...]

Dark Reign: The List By Bendis And Friends

"As some day it may happen that a victim must be found, I've got a little list--I've got a little list"The List is the new Dark Reign mini-event-ish thing from Marvel starting in September.Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, and political masterplayer sits down and makes a list of all that is wrong with the[...]