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PAW Patrol Is Getting A Video Game By Outright Games In November
Outright Games and Nickelodeon announced this week that PAW Patrol will be getting a new video game this November The full name os the game is PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay, and as you might suspect, it will be based on the current characters and adventures being had on the Nick Jr series[...]
Auto Draft
Outright Games and PHL Collective revealed today that Ben 10: Power Trip will be getting released this October This game has been in development for a while now as Outright was super stoked to be producing this one for Cartoon Network, but we never really got a chance to try it out due to COVID-19[...]
Transformers Battlegrounds Is Coming In October 2020
Transformers fans will be happy to see a new battle game is coming from Outright Games as Transformers Battlegrounds will arrive this Fall The game is pretty much what you might expect, as UK developer Coatsink brings the legendary war between Autobots and Decepticons to life in a battler game that depicts the battle in[...]
Gigantosaurus The Game-1
Put together through a combination of companies including Wildsphere Studios, Cyber Group Studios, Outright Games, and Bandai Namco, they've created a fun little game You can play as Rocky, Tiny, Mazu, and Bill are you race across the entire world and discover mysteries about it you weren't expecting to find We have some screenshots for[...]
Cartoon Network & Outright Games Announce A "Ben 10" Video Game
Some cool news today from Cartoon Network as the company is planning a Ben 10 video game, and they're working with Outright Games to make it Not a lot of info was released today by either company, only that it will be developed for consoles and PC to be released later this year Outright will[...]
"Jumanji: The Video Game" Is Getting A Collector's Edition
Outright Games is partnering with Limited Run Games to create a collector's edition for the upcoming release of Jumanji: The Video Game The company will be making only 2,000 copies of it for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One The set, which you can see here, will be released the same time as the game with[...]
Outright Games To Launch "Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure" This W
Outright Games announced this morning that they will be releasing Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure today across multiple platforms You can snag the game today on PC and all three major consoles, as you jump into the role of Scrat in search for, what else, nuts You can check out the new trailer below, along[...]
Outright Games Shows Off More Of "Jumanji: The Video Game"
Before PAX West 2019 kicks off this week, Outright Games decided to do a more proper reveal of Jumanji: The Video Game with pics and a new trailer! The big news coming from the reveal is that the game now has a new release date, being bumped up a week to November 8th You can[...]
Bandai Namco Announces Jumanji: The Video Game Ahead Of E3
Bandai Namco and Outright Games have announced a new title ahead of E3 2019 as we're getting Jumanji: The Video Game in November The game will be based on the 2017 film starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan, as you make your way through the jungles and try to[...]
Ugly Dolls: An Imperfect Adventure Receives a New Launch Trailer
Outright Games would like to remind you that they released Ugly Dolls: An Imperfect Adventure this week as they put out a proper launch trailer for the game The game will have you make your way to Uglyville and help the gang attempt to restore peace to their quirky home, which was put in disarray[...]
UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure is Coming to All Consoles in April
Outright Games, Whitespace Entertainment, and STX Entertainment announced a UglyDolls will be getting a proper video game in the spring. UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure will be coming to PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One on April 26th, 2019, in North and South America The game's storyline with has the town of Uglyville under siege by a troupe[...]
Getting a Preview of Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion at E3
The second game we got to check out from Outright Games at E3 was their collaboration with Cartoon Network in Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion This is one of those circumstances where you have a game based on a popular series with some continuity, so you kinda have to ask yourself where it fits[...]
Outright Games Shows Us Their Build for Crayola Scoot
We may not have gotten a chance to play it, but the developers at Outright Games showed us a little bit of Crayola Scoot at E3 this year The game was announced about a week out from the event and we weren't sure what to really make of it at the time from what little[...]
Outright Games Reveals Latest Game Crayola Scoot Prior to E3
Prior to E3 kicking off tomorrow, Outright Games and Crayola have revealed their latest game that they've come together to make in Crayola Scoot We have the finer details of the title and a few quotes from this morning's press release, but the game looks to be a Crayola-themes version of Jet Set Radio Future[...]
Outright Games and Crayola Form New Partnership for Branded Video Games
This week, Outright Games announced they had formed a brand-new partnership with probably the most famous crayon company in the world, Crayola, that will produce a branded video games for major consoles this fall. Outright Games has already produced titles for franchises like Ben 10, Adventure Time, and Paw Patrol, so the company is already in[...]