Let's Take at Playmobil's Newest Version of Toothless From How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon 3 has been in theaters for a couple weeks now, thrilling audiences and sticking the landing on one of the more successful trilogies to be put to film. Just as good since its introduction is the Playmobil line of Dragons figures. Featuring beasts, humans, and more, the line has been a huge success with collectors. They were nice enough to send over their new version of Toothless for us to take a look at, and we think it is worth picking up for sure.

Playmobil, it must be pointed out, always have such fun packaging. They make sure that the emphasis is on the toy, as it should be. The front always features great shots of the toys in action, with the back listing all of the contents of the package. It is almost too cool to open.

But we always open our toys, and this one is no different. One of the coolest Dragons figures made so far, this version of Hiccup is super cool looking. He comes with two hair pieces, armor, a flame sword, and a cool helmet piece. Not to mention his sweet wings.

And he fits perfectly on Toothless. This is similar to their last version of the dragon, with attachable, adjustable wings and tail fin. An attachable back piece lights up, and projectiles launch out of his mouth. Hiccup can ride on his back, and the figure is easy to adjust and pose in a variety of ways. Just like the other version, this is just a really fun toy. Not alone however, as this one also comes with a baby dragons, maybe one of the most adorable figures I have ever seen. Look at that little grin! So great. I wish the little one had a bit more articulation, but it is too adorable to criticize.

This is a really great figure for kids and collectors of all-ages. Hopefully there will be a large continuation of this line for years to come, because like always Playmobil knocked this one out of the park. You can find this and more Dragons figures and sets in stores now.

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