Let's Take A Look At The Playmobil Back To The Future Delorean

Playmobil collectors have quite the awesome new vehicle to add to their collections right now, as the company has released a Delorean set from Back To The Future. They have really stepped up their game as far as taking care of collectors and getting some more pop culture related sets out into the world. Long dreamed of, this Delorean set is also accompanied by a two-figure variant set of figures of Marty and Doc from 1955. So fans of the film only need future Marty and Doc and western Marty and Doc to complete their Back To The Future collections. Playmobil was nice enough to send over the two released sets, so let's see what makes these some of the best they have ever done.

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Right off the bat, they nailed the packaging. It does a great job selling the light-up features of the car, making sure you understand that this is not any other ordinary Playmobil set. The figure two=pack is a little less exciting, but it does a good job creating collectibility for MOC fans. Both Marty and Doc are fully visible and posed well in the window box. Once out of the box, however, the Back To The Future feels come flooding in. The car is super easy to assemble, it only took me about 20 minutes, and that is because I am obsessive about getting the stickers just right.

The Delorean itself is fantastic. It is one of the better recreations I have seen, right down to the DMC logo and OUTTATIME license plate. The figures are also great; Marty is the standout with his vest and cuffed shirt. I also love that the car set comes with Einstein, although he doesn't fit well in the car. Name me another toy that comes with a carrying case full of plutonium as well. The 1955 versions of Marty and Doc are the superior versions, though. They are so iconic, Marty, with his guitar and Doc with the clocktower newspaper. Playmobil even went as far as to include the gloves for safe handling of the wires and such needed to send Marty Back To The Future. That is a nice touch.

Where the car really stands out though is with the electronics. The blue plastic accent pieces really pop when you hit the button, and the flux capacitor lighting up on the inside is a perfect touch as well. Playmobil always does a great job adding play value and more bang for your buck, and that is especially true here. The tires even bend in, so you recreate the end of the first film, future parts of the second when the Delorean takes flight. Awesome stuff.

Let's Take A Look At The Playmobil Back To The Future Delorean
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Overall, this is one of the better Back To The Future toys that have ever been made. Accurate to the films, fun to play with, and looks great on the shelf. This is available in stores now, or you can buy one right here.



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