Playmobil Hits Us In The Feels With Their New Ghostbusters Line


Playmobil must be very excited to have the Ghostbusters license, because they have revealed a robust line for the property, and this 32 year old is going to end up buying all of them for his daughter. Yeah…that's the excuse I will go with. Featuring every vehicle and character you could possibly want, this line instantly makes you wish they had these available when you were a child and could waste an entire day reenacting the films in your room. Sure, I had the old toy line, but Playmobil are just that much cooler and fun. Ranging in price from $8-$70, there is something for everyone, but you will want it all.

First up are the character sets, which feature Egon fighting two spirits, and Peter Venkman with a possessed Dana Barrett and the Terror Dogs. Done in the traditional Playmobil style, these figures have great sculpting jobs and come with every accessory you could need: traps, proton packs, everything. These are they cheaper sets as well, at around $10.

Slimer gets his own set as well, and it comes with not only the iconic hotdog cart he pops out of, but the hotdog vendor as well. Food accessories included. One thing you will notice is that to get all of the Ghostbusters together, you are going to have to spend some money. At around $20, you may be able to live without Slimer. I kinda wish he was packed into another set.

Sure to be the most popular set is the Staypuff Marshmallow Man. For my money, Staypuff is one of the more iconic villains in cinema, and this version looks spot-on. At $20, even if I got none of the other sets I would be picking him up. You also get ray packed in here.

The first of the more expensive sets, the Ecto-1 has movie-accurate lights and sounds, a removable top, and comes packed in with Winston and Janine. Plus, more proton packs, PKE meters, and traps. A fully electronic vehicle at $45 these days is a great deal, and as a fan, how could you not get this one to place all of your figures in?

Finally, the biggest and most expensive set is the Firehouse. it is 18 inches tall, has room to park the Ecto-1 in, and comes with packed in versions of Ray, Egon, Louis, and Janine in street clothes.It also has the containment unit and ghosts to lock up. Yes, the fire pole is here as well for them to slide down. At $70, here is where I would have included the Slimer pack as more bang for your buck, but it just borders on too much for me as is.

If you are planning on buying the whole line, looks like you will be investing around $180 to collect them all. If you collect Playmobil or Ghostbusters, it's a no brainer. If I was just buying for kids, that may be a different story. One thing is for sure: Playmobil has created something special here, and hopefully if you do invest we can get more waves in the future. look for these on store shelves this May.


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