Playmobil Brings The Cuteness With How To Train Your Dragon's Toothless

Playmobil has some great toys on the shelves right now. Ghostbusters, NHL, and plenty of original lines that they themselves have created. Another line they have produced products for is in support of dragons, in the form of Toothless from the film and television series How to Train Your Dragon. Playmobil was kind enough to send over one of their sets for us to check out!

Playmobil Dragons Hiccup and Toothless Playset

I was surprised when I opened the box. I forgot that these are kind of construction sets. My daughter was very confused as to why we had to put Toothless together! But we had a ball attaching the wings and everything. It only took maybe five minutes. Most of that time was finding the right screwdriver to place the batteries into the light-up piece.

Playmobil is great at sculpting. Once assembled, Toothless is a sight to behold. I wasn't sure if we were going to like the lights on his back, but all that matters is whether my daughter did — and it is her favorite part. Flying through the living room with the surprisingly detailed Hiccup figure has become one of her favorite activities. Ditto for firing the energy blast missiles out of his mouth. It is easy to fire on accident, though, so those with really little ones will probably want to stay away from this set. The toy is an excellent size, as well — he fits perfectly into a 6-year-old's hands and has some decent weight to him. Nothing about this feels cheap in the slightest.

At $34.99, this one is a pretty good value for your toy dollar. A good-sized figure with electronics and play features in this day and age usually costs way more than this. If you or your little one is a fan of the property, this is one that should be on your holiday shopping list. You can find one yourself here.

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