New York Toy Fair: Playmobil Bringing More Ghostbusters, Christmas Products to Stores

Playmobil had an excellent showing at New York Toy Fair this year, bringing new themes to their popular figure line, along with a new focus on collectors using everyone's favorite Playmobil licensed line: Ghostbusters. Sadly, there were no more horror-themed sets on display. This saddens us, as we really loved their Haunted House Take-and-Play set. I was hoping for an expansion there. What they did have looks like just as much fun however, and while Halloween is my favorite holiday, Christmas is just as cool!

And they have a bunch of cool Christmas sets coming this year. The coolest one I saw was the Christmas Bakery, which has some neat play features and even includes usable cookie cutters on the roof. Santa is spread through multiple packs and sets, so it will be easy to get one for each part of display, and there will even be a nativity set available.

Also on full display were many sets from the upcoming Playmobil Movie coming to theaters this year. All of them feature extra playability that you come to expect from Playmobil, and with the amount of figures and characters that will be available, there will be a ton of support for this line. This and their expanded Space line will work really well together, with new figures being able to populate their awesome Rocket Launch and Space Shuttle.

For parents of kids who love a good story and quality toys, look no further than their new Magic line. Featuring really well done figures with some cool, different looking colorways, the centerpiece is an awesome castle set with all kinds of bells and whistles on it. It does invoke Frozen, but that is not a bad thing. You can either follow the story, or just pick this stuff up and play with it.

How to Train Your Dragon is expanding with new figures and updates for Toothless and other dragons, look for those in stores right now as the film opens this weekend. There will also be an expansion to their City line with more firetrucks and vehicles, and a multilayer school house along with separate sets for different room like the science teacher and janitor (who sells food overseas? is that a real thing?). That set continues their emphasis on inclusiveness with a little girl in a wheelchair. Playmobil has always done a wonderful job making their toys accessible and inclusive to all, and these steps further that. Good on you guys and gals Playmobil.

Finally, Ghostbusters fans will have a new version of Ecto-1 to pick up this year, and this time it comes with all four Ghostbusters. They really want to grab the collector's market, so you will also be able to buy a four-pack of them, along with new five inch collectors scale in pretty window box packaging.

Check out everything they had in on their displays down below!

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